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John Knox Village, Florida represents 200th Green House Home
BALTIMORE, MD (August 2016) THE GREEN HOUSEĀ® PROJECT h as spent over a decade creating a new vision for the future of elder care. The organization has now reached an important milestone: more than 200 Green House homes are being operated by leading organizations in  30 states.

Upon reaching this new milestone, Green House Senior Director, Susan Ryan says, "It is beyond exciting to see this initiative gaining momentum.  It took us 10 years to reach the first 100 homes, and only five years to add the next 100.  As our numbers continue to grow, it means that more people are able to live full and meaningful lives.  Both the elders who live in Green House homes and those who work there, benefit from the elements of the model that returns value and autonomy to those who it matters to most."

John Knox Village , a lifecare community in Pompano Beach, Fl represents the 200th Green House home to open.  In May 2016, they opened 12 Green House homes.  Says CEO, Gerry Stryker, of the momentous occasion, "Being the 200th Green House home is incredibly emotional and fulfilling for John Knox Village.  We recognize that we are a part of a rapidly growing national movement to change the face of care and rehabilitation.  Our elders deserve this."
Green House Grand Openings!

While Elders have been enjoying living in the Green House Cottages of Carmel  for several months-the official Grand Opening ceremonies took place on August 25th

In May the first Elders in Indiana moved into the Green House homes...with three homes currently open and three more under construction, the cottages will be home to 72 Elders.

Oregon became the  30th state to open  Green House homes as  Cedar Sinai Park celebrated the grand opening of their first long term care homes.  "The Green House project creates an environment that doesn't just feel like home - it IS
their home," says Cedar Sinai Park, CEO, Sandra Simon. "It is built on the premise that each resident should be able to make the decisions that shape how they live each precious day. The Green House model is a natural progression of our philosophy at Cedar Sinai Park to treat everybody with love, honor and respect. This is the future of aging services, and we are proud to create the first Green House home in Oregon."

A groundbreaking ceremony was held July 6 in Lake St. Louis, Mo for Cottages of Lake St. Louis!  State Rep. Justin Hill, Karen Vennard, Lake St. Louis Board of Alderman President, several Lake St. Louis Aldermen, and values business partners joined the festivities and ceremonial shoveling of dirt. The ownership team of locally owned and operated Cottages of Lake St. Louis includes Focused Senior Communities, led by Al Beamer, IronRock Real Estate, led by Tom Hillman, Dr. Joseph Gira, and Barth Holohan.  Cottages of Lake St. Louis is financed through St. Louis Bank, built by GS & S General Contractors, designed by The Lawrence Group, engineered by Horner & Shifrin, with interior design by Invacare Interior Design.

Our family strives to to do meaningful things together and our decision to open Missouri's first Green House Home, Cottages of Lake St. Louis, has been the ultimate endeavor in camaraderie.  These six, skilled nursing homes of 10 elders each, will be built on a beautiful site in suburban St Louis.  When it came to naming the cottages, my husband, Al, and I hit upon an idea that we feel, really speaks to the ideals that we are trying to provide for our elders and our family.   
Enhancing Regulator Relationships
Building strong relationships with state regulators is crucial to the success of The Green House model. The the "Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies"
conference, held in Austin, TX in August, provides opportunities for us to share how The Green House model not only meets, but exceeds the intention of the regulations in a real home environment.  The Eden Alternative joined us to demonstrate how person-directed care leads to positive outcomes!

The Woodlands at  John Knox Village  in Pompano Beach, Florida is the first Green House project to be initiated by the residents themselves. My wife, Twylah and I, live at John Knox Village and were instrumental in bringing this model to our community. When the organization began discussing plans to build a new nursing home, the residents had a simple request; we wanted private rooms with private baths. However, as we researched more, we discovered  The Green House model , and realized that privacy was only the beginning.

Twylah immediately got excited about the concept. I was not as convinced.
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Cedar Sinai Park - Oregon - 30th State for GH Homes
Cedar Sinai Park, Oregon - 30th State with Green House Homes
In This Issue
"Living the good life" is a blog series celebrating the lives of people living with dementia in Green House homes.  In Green House homes across the country, elders are creative, resourceful and whole people who have a valuable story to share.
  Dr. Lemuel Rogers, was the epitome of dignity; a dapper, intelligent man with a great smile and beautiful singing voice.  He was well known in the community as a respected doctor, and leader of his church.

Sharla Lee lived a colorful life as a performer, gracing many stages and breaking many hearts. Legend has it that she was even asked out on a date by baseball superstar, Joe DiMaggio. 

When cognitive impairment made it unsafe for her to live on her own, this talented pianist may have faded away...

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