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A word from Tomi:

Dear Family, Friends and Partners -

 I can't  believe we are in the final stretch of 2016.  Time sure does fly when you are very busy.  We are continuing in the things that need done here in Uganda and loving every minute!  We appreciate all of you and the contributions you make.  Know that our staff and family are praying for each one of you as I know you are continuing to lift us up here so far away.  Thanks again!




Banda Acholi Quarters
women kids ghetto  
Each week we hold meetings with the families that want to move to the Place of Refuge Village.   The current list is at about 300 families.  
In addition to the large weekly meetings we have started small groups to get to know one another more intimately as well as identify any stumbling blocks people may need help with such as addictions, conflict resolution, anger issues, those living with HIV, etc. 
Currently, the small groups we have started include; Parenting, Married, Singles and people living with terminal illness (i.e. cancer, HIV).  We are seeing people wanting to make changes for themselves and their families.  This has been an encouragement as we see lives transformed. We are continuing to get information on each family with their skill levels and needs so that we can provide for them once they go to the village. 
Among the group we have people with all kinds of skills including; teaching, building, planting, animal husbandry, tailoring and bead making.  We will incorporate all these skills in the village, but we need volunteers and interns to come and lead by example.  Our goal is to make this not only a self-sustaining village, but one that can be an example to the people and the country of Uganda.  If you want to come for short-term or even a long-term mission please contact us directly!
Saturday KIK Program Kids - All Grown Up
The KIK Saturday Kids program has been on-going for 10 years now.  The kids that were 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old are all grown up.  They are heading off to University to become the men and women they were created to be.  KIK is very proud of them.  Here is one example: 
Jotham Opio was about 8 when he came to the KIK program.  He was a very bright and likable child.  He recently was accepted to the University and will be taking Clinical Medicine to become a doctor. 
Here is a letter he wrote recently to the Director.
Dearest Mummy Tommy
With a greatful heart I write this letter to appreciate you for the great seed you planted in me when I was your student and forever I shall be your student wherever I may go.
Am glad to say the fruits are evident in my life and have positively impacted those around me with that which I learnt.
One basic truth that keeps me going is that which you taught from Galatians 5:22-23 which are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as well as the subject of humility which you greatly emphasized in your teachings.
Not forgetting Ephesians 6:10-20 which keeps me a prepared and alert soldier with full armor of God: This scripture has always given me courage and victory to always press on.
I always remain a legacy of your teachings that has made me who I am today and it's manifest in my life and I will always be a steward in the House of the Lord and continue to impact many with the same.
Yours Lovely,
Opio Jotham

In July we had a bit of excitement.  Our car (which is a huge blessing) caught on fire from a faulty battery.  With the help of Good Samaritans and neighbors we were able to get the fire out.  As it turned out we were able to get the vehicle repaired as the engine was still good.  The cost was $1,000.00.  We are safe and we once again are back on the road. 
car on fire 3 car on fire 2 car on fire 1 car battery  



We love it when good people take time out of their busy schedules to donate time and resources to KIK. In July we had two people come and spend time with KIK. One from Bosnia and one from Florida.  In the past month we've also had people come out and spend a few hours helping with our Saturday program.  We appreciate all of our volunteers and interns.


We Work Hard!




jeff teaching volunteers 1


We Enjoy!

Jeff hammock  

We Play Hard!  
jeff drum
                 nina dance
We Eat Weird Foods!
Termites with Rice and Beans

Join us and come be a part of Inspiring Change One Life At A Time
KIK is always looking for people and organizations to partner with who want to lend their expertise to the people here in Uganda.  We will be needing more strategic partnerships as the village is becoming closer to a reality. 

Eron, Esther and Prosy attended Summer Camp this year. They had a blast and made some new friends.  This is important as being part of a missionary family as they don't lead a "normal" life.  Homeschooling and helping with the NGO are their normal life.  We are thankful for our Homeschool Co-op and Camp.

Mileage on any airline is greatly appreciated.  Tickets will be needed to move around in the States while the Director or others are travelling as needed.  Contact Tomi Mills directly at to obtain Frequent Flyer numbers.
Immediate Needs


1.  Final purchase of village land
2.  Volunteers and Interns
3.  Strategic Partnerships

1.  Vehicle Repairs
2.  Refrigerator
3.  Educational Sponsorships
4.  Filda's tuition for CFNI - January term


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