Volume 4 | November 29, 2018
In this issue, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer shares his talks in September and October with customer service and digital marketing trade industry leaders at several industry events. In September the Professional Association for Customer Engagement Washington Summit. In October Adweek in NYC and the DMA &THEN Conference in Las Vegas.

Hard to be much different in conference environment first in Washington DC and Capital Hill then shifting to Las Vegas and the "Strip". Deregulation, stopping "Robocalls" were big topics at PACE in DC, at DMA in Vegas, high light topics were Data Analysis, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence. Some of the highlights from interviews include:

  • In September we ventured to our nation's capital for the PACE event which brought together leaders of the contact center industry. We heard about the actions being taken by regulators at the FTC and FCC to curb Robocalling and the unintended consequences for brands trying to stay in touch with customers.
  • Early October saw us at Adweek in NYC to hear a talk on impact of managing "Mobile First" ad campaigns and competing Artificial Intelligence platforms.
  • Later in October, we ventured out to Las Vegas for the DMA &THEN conference the first for this 100 year trade group since its merger with the ANA, the Association of National Advertisers. Heard a bunch of terrific keynotes on data analytics, content that stands out, how an NHL team stopped its marketing to help its community in need.

If you have a project or career story you would like to share, please be in touch, we will enjoy hearing it and telling your story.

Featured Speaker at PACE:
Amy Walter, Cook Political Report
A special guest we met at the PACE Washington Summit was Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, a frequent guest on "Meet the Press" and the "PBS News Hour". Amy highlighted her talk which covered key issues driving politics in Washington, impact on voters of data security, is the economy a driver or taken for granted, and what is the "New normal" in politics if not civil discourse.
Featured Speaker at PACE: Rebekah Johnson of Numeracle.com
One of the key themes at PACE was concern about reducing "Robocalls" plaguing consumers but also the some of the solutions such as call blocking which is limiting ability of brands to contact their customers. Rebekah Johnson of Numeracle.com explains in our talk a proposed process remedy known as "STIR/SHAKEN"
Featured Speaker at AdWeekNY: Alicia Wiedemann of DrumAgency.com
We were at Adweek.com in NYC in October for session on Mobile Marketing moderated by Alicia Wiedemann. After we discussed with Alicia the impact of ad spending now greater on mobile than desktop, the phone becoming an extension of a consumer and the topic of competing AI platforms in a marketing organization.
DMA Echo Award Receipient Rosie Gentile of Cossette Agency:
We were at the DMA &THEN Conference in Las Vegas in October and attended the International Echo Awards Gala. Enjoyed opportunity to meet Rosie Gentile SVP Strategy at the Cossette Agency in Toronto, which received multiple Echo Awards. In our talk, Rosie describes the campaign her team devised which raised enormous sums for "SickKids" Hospital in Toronto, the second largest pediatric hospital in the world.
Featured Speaker at DMA: Navy Veteran, Data Analytics Expert,
Bill Hoffman, Elicit, LLC
Bill Hoffman served our country at the CIA and the US Navy, recently completing a tenure as Chief Analytics Officer at US Bank. He is now Chief Growth officer at Elicit, LLC We highlighted his keynote at the DMA &Then18 conference on topic, "Big Data is dead, long live Big Data". 
Featured Speaker at DMA:
Brian Killingsworth, CMO
Vegas Golden Knights
A special bonus keynote at the DMA &THEN conference was hearing story of the first year success of the NHL Vegas Golden Knights. We talked with CMO Brian Killingsworth on the marketing effort which launch the franchise, and how they stopped everything when tragedy hit their community.