Volume 3 | October 16, 2018
In this issue, cbsi's Ken Kraetzer shares his stories from several industry and leadership events, a highlight being the Direct Marketing Club of New York's (DMCNY) Women in Leadership Conference in New York.

It's fall and the conference season is in full swing with cbsi attending several industry events, talking with clients, prospects and many friends. Some of the highlights from interviews include:

  • The DMCNY held a terrific early summer event in Manhattan on "Digital Transformation" where we sat down with Alan Shulman of Deloitte Digital to take his perspective formed from years of experience. 
  • The summer gave us a chance to sit down with Corporate Communications expert Tom Meriam and Subscription Marketing pro, Jim Fosina.
  • In September the DMCNY began their fall event with a discussion of “Women in Leadership”, moderated by Stacey Hawes, President, Data Practice at Epsilon.
  • Also in September, cbsi attended the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) event in Washington, D.C. There we spoke with PACE Chairwoman, Lori Fentem, and many other participants.  


Featured Speaker: Alan Schulman
We met Alan Schulman, Managing Director, Brand Creative & Content Marketing at Deloitte Digital where he was a panelist at the Direct Marketing Club of New York's discussion on #digitaltransformation .
Featured Speakers: Stacey Hawes, Adrea Rubin, Dawn Zier
In September, the DMCNY hosted the "Women in Leadership" panel. T he Moderator was Stacey Hawes, President, Data Practice at Epsilon, with panelists, Adrea Rubin, President of Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc., and Dawn Zier, CEO Nutrisystem.
Featured Speaker: Tom Mariam
A talk with Corporate Communications expert and New York area broadcaster Tom Mariam about the broad nature of Corporate Communications.
Featured Speaker: Jim Fosina
We met with Jim Fosina of Fosina Marketing Group, who describes the disruption factor of Subscription Marketing in the Market - something cbsi has worked on for years.
Featured Speaker: Lori Fentem
At the at the 2018 PACE Fall event in Washington, D.C. we spoke with Contact Center veteran, Lori Fentem, Chair of PACE who provided highlights of the event and key issues discussed.
Featured Speaker: Elana Sofko
At the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association event “Success in Multi-Channels,” in Greenwich, CT, we spoke with several panelists and media expert, Elana Sofko, of Chicken Soup for the Soul.