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Dave DeMarco

President & CEO GFNB & Arrow Bank

Using his degree in finance & serving on the Board of numerous orgs, Dave builds solid relationships with citizens & businesses to help people make their dreams come true. The success of a Community Bank is built on the success of the community.

Donna Nichols

Executive Director

Moreau Community Center

Re-emerging as a food pantry during COVID, the Center is addressing needs of seniors and opportunities to travel. The after-school drop in center known as The Bulldog Zone provides counselling, meals and a place to hang out. "Just stop in"!

Michael Horn

Executive Director


In partnership with Wiawaka, the agency is passionate about an acquisition of 47 acres to preserve & protect forever. Their conservation mission is to maintain the quality of streams, forests, habitat, history and natural beauty 'beyond the shoreline'

Lisa Vollendorf


SUNY Empire University

Known for its innovative thinking, in 2023 SUNY Empire became NY State's 1st and only online public university addressing higher educational needs for all segments of the population. Their goal is to meet people 'where they are'.

Kathleen Foley

Curator of Education & Engagement

Hyde Collection

The Hyde celebrates it's 60th anniversary with the David Smith exhibition & the influence of music and dance on his work. Outreach in schools, sponsorships & local partnerships create ways to engage the community in the arts.

Lois Celeste

Executive Director

Saratoga Senior Center

The brand new senior center is a hub of activity meeting the needs of seniors for generations to come. In partnership with the YMCA there are classes, PT, food programs, a place to socialize - all in just 'one stop'.

"Challenges Facing Youth"

In-Production video series


Ari & Mia, Laney Jones, The Homegrown String Band, Tommy Sands

From The Folklife Center

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Over 26.3K last quarter

Comments from around the web:

"Thank you so much. I hope this works. We sure gave it the all American try."

Hank Ashton


"Great interview! Thank you so much for taking the time and interest in our humble community."

Craig Leggett

"Thank you so much. I significantly appreciate you reaching out to us for these interviews. It means a great deal to have the opportunity to display the work that our office does and resources available for the public."

Again, Thank you,

Nicolina Foti



"Again….thank you! I watched it, it was a very nice piece."

Greg Stevens


Top videos in June :

  1. Mangino 'Your LOOK' 7-23-23
  2. Craig Leggett - LTW
  3. Nicolina Foti- LTW
  4. Dave DeMarco - LTW
  5. Steven Greenblatt - LTW
  6. Doreen Kelly
  7. Lisa Vollendorf -LTW
  8. Mangino 'Your LOOK'-Update
  9. Mark Shaw - LTW
  10. Mangino 'Your LOOK' -New

Comments from around the web:

“Lois is the BEST !!!” Jeff, on Facebook Saratoga Senior Center Interview

“Thank you! Hopefully [John] will win!” Mary, on Facebook John Safford for Mayor Interview

“Great Interview! Get to Know John Safford!” Saratoga County Republican Committee, on Facebook John Safford for Mayor Interview

“When a family treats everyone around them like family, it shows. Congratulations Marcus and John, for going above and beyond.” Anne, on Youtube Mangino Your Look Update

"Thank you! I’ve seen it and have had lots of positive comments."

Donna Nichols

Moreau Community Center

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