In 2016, the following people received scholarships from EPWPCOA.

Scott Carl, Jr.
Evan Fertich
Ronald Krauss
Jacob McLean
Hunter McRee
Logan Pennypacker
Nicolas Volk
Christopher Volpe
David Wisser

In addition, $2,100.00 was sent to 3 colleges for scholarships in their wastewater programs.  

The 2017 scholarship applications are available on the  EPWPCOA website, and will be mailed out in the beginning of the new year.
This year, the Mid-Summer Expo was held at St. Benedict's Picnic Grove in Mohnton, PA on June 24, 2016. Everyone had a great time and loved the new location!  158 people registered for the event. This year's charity was Special Olympics. 

ARRO Consulting, Inc.
Axiom, Inc.
CW Sales
Godwin/Xylem Dewatering Solutions, Inc.
Iron Horse Environmental
Kershener Environmental Technologies, LLC
Mobile Dredging & Pumping Company

Axiom, Inc.
Exeter Supply Co.
Gannett Fleming
Keystone Engineering Group, Inc.
Miller Environmental, Inc.
M.J. Reider Associates, Inc.
Parson Environmental, Inc.
Terre Hill Composites

Raffle Baskets:
A. C. Schultes, Inc.
Aerzen USA Corporation
Ed Treat
SSM Group, Inc.
Suburban Water Testing Labs

Pictured above from left to right:  Tom Hauser, Scott Siderio, Rich Heverly - Horseshoe Winners - 1st Place

Pictured above from left to right:  Brad Griffiths, Scott Siderio, Jason Coyle, Horseshoe Winners - 2nd Place

The semi or biannual ( I can never get those straight) every-other-year Trade Show was held in gorgeous downtown Leesport Pennsylvania at the Farmer's Market on Friday, September 16 th.
The weather was beautiful, too bad we were inside most of the time. The show was a smashing success with 76 vendors and 265 attendees. Twila Dixon and her committee ( you know who you are) did a fantastic job, as usual.

And let's not forget about our Breakfast Sponsors:
ARRO Consulting, Inc.
Entech Engineering, Inc.
LRM, Inc.
Marilyn Baron (that's a person, not a company name, thanks Marilyn)
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP

Or our Mailing Sponsors:
Envirep/TLC Environmental
Iron Horse Environmental, LLC
There was plenty of trading going on at this Trade Show, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Dutch traded $24 worth of beads for the Island of Manhattan ( which President-Elect Trump now owns).
Ed Treat was also seen trying to trade his World War I uniform for pesos ( to build a wall?), and Marykay was busy deleting EPWPCOA emails.
There were also some very interesting and informative Vendor Presentations, followed by a hot lunch and cold desserts.
We were then treated to a quick Business Meeting, which included election of the 2017 officers, who will be officially inducted at the Kutztown Meeting on November 18 th.
Faithfully ( but not always accurately) reported by Phil Schwartz

The November EPWPCOA Meeting and Plant Tour will be held at the Borough of Kutztown WWTP on Friday, November 18, 2016.  T he Borough of Kutztown's Wastewater Treatment Plant, originally constructed in 1939, has undergone many changes and upgrades over the years. A collection system, consisting of approximately thirty-five miles of pipe and four pump stations, feeds the 1.5 MGD (million gallons per day) newly upgraded facility. 

The most recent upgrade, completed in 2014, was comprised of the following: a phosphorous removal system, an ultraviolet disinfection system, a chemical feed building with bulk storage tanks, the replacement of settling tank weirs, flood-proofing walls and pumping system, a new 24" outfall with check valve, a 20-3250kw Kohler generator to power the entire facility, the demolition of the original control building and structures, and the construction of a new control building, maintenance shop and garage. 

The Borough's Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system are operated and maintained by three licensed operators and a licensed plant manager. The facility falls under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Class B, Subclass #2. The treated effluent is received by the Saucony Creek, tributary to the Maiden Creek, which then enters the Schuylkill River waterway.
On Friday, September 30, 2016, the Young Professionals Committee hosted an event at a mine reclamation site! The event was open to all EPWPCOA members of all ages, and 42 people registered.  Attendees were able to earn 2 contact hours for wastewater. 
Topics of Discussions included:
Beneficial Use of Biosolids by Land Application at Mine Reclamation Sites - How wastewater treatment Biosolids can be used for Mine Reclamation, and the benefits in doing so.  Andrew Drumheller, American Green Corporation, presented.  American Green Corporation primarily uses Biosolids for surface mine reclamation. This process uses biosolids, flyash and paper waste to produce nutrients and micronutrients that are essential to crop growth and suitable vegetative cover.  Since 2005, American Green has also been planting Hybrid Poplars in trenches filled with Biosolids, which has been shown to have significant environmental benefits. These benefits include revegetation and creation of carbon sink (i.e. plant matter, trees, and grasses that consume carbon monoxide). 
General Permitting for Beneficial Use - The difference between Class "A" and Class "B" Biosolids, and  how  biosolids are permitted for Beneficial Use. Diane Garvey, Garvey Resources presented. Garvey Resources provides biosolids consulting, assistance in compliance with environmental regulations, biosolids management planning, permitting, Biosolids Quality Enhancement Plans, nutrient management, and offers support with public information and education.  The presentation  covered  the process of General Permitting for the Beneficial Use of Biosolids, and  included the requirements for biosolids quality, (pathogen and vector attraction reduction, metals and PCB's, etc.) preparation of sampling plans for biosolids permitting, and the preparation of Biosolids Quality Enhancement Plans for use in the Land Application and Beneficial Use of Biosolids.    
A lunch at Vito's Coal Fired Pizza & Restaurant in Saint Clair followed the presentations. Attendees got a chance to see actual Mine Reclamation sites and witnessed the Beneficial Use in action! It was a great day!
Your energy company is part of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program which incentivizes energy saving projects with MONEY!  Chances are you'll be doing some sort of work around the plant or collection system that would save energy (i.e. new lighting, HVAC, controls upgrade, pump/blower rehab or replacement, etc.). 

Click here for a list of contacts to help you start the application.  

Contact Walter Higgins, with EPA Region 3 in Philadelphia, at (215) 814-5476 or  email him and he'll help facilitate the process.  Yeah, he's with the government and will help!  Walter's the soon-to-be Chair of the Training Committee and has been involved with operator training and technical assistance for a handful of years now. Feel free to pick his brain about other possible energy saving projects, process control issues, nutrient removal, or EPA's FREE GIS program.
Carl E. Janson of Willingboro, NJ (Office in Blue Bell, PA) was named as a recipient of the prestigious 2016 WEF Fellows designation, which recognizes WEF members' achievements, stature, and contributions in the water profession. WEF Fellows are recognized in various areas of expertise including, but not limited to design, education, operations, regulation, research, utility management, and leadership. Click here to read the full press release.
If you know of money-saving solutions to costly plant challenges and would like to share your experience with others in the industry, please feel free to reach out to us at epwpcoa@ptd.net. We would be happy to highlight your story in one of our upcoming newsletter issues!

A list of members who have recently passed away is listed on our website under  Members in Memory . The Association is saddened by their passing and wishes to express sympathy to their family and friends. If you have any information on members recently deceased please forward it to the Association office.


Nov 18  - Borough of Kutztown WWTP Regular Meeting & Tour
Dec 2 - Vendors & Sponsors Appreciation Breakfast

2017 EPWPCOA events will be on the website soon!
Thank you for reading, and  thank you to everyone who submitted photos for this edition of the Newsletter.


Rebecca Pickering, Committee Chair
Jennifer Kintzer, Committee Vice Chair
Marykay Steinman , Executive Director
Philip Schwartz, 2016 President
Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association