3rd Quarter Newsletter 2019
Capitol View is excited to announce that Apple Pay™ is now available on Capitol View debit cards. With Apple Pay™, members can conveniently make payments using their Apple smartphone, Apple watch, and expedite online checkouts. In addition, Apple Pay™ uses tokenization technology, which offers added security and convenience.
    To enroll, add your Capitol View debit card to your Apple Wallet using your Apple smartphone.

*Samsung Pay™ is coming later this year. Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ will currently only available with Capitol View debit cards.
BHow Does Tokenization Work?
    Tokenization is a new way of securely sending electronic payments. It is how digital payments like Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ function. Typically, when you add your card to a service like Apple Pay™ or Samsung Pay™, your card info is verified with Capitol View and replaced on your device with a series of randomly generated numbers. This series is referred to as a 'token". That means that your actual card number is never stored on your phone, further protecting it from fraudsters.
    What's more, when you use Apple Pay™ or Samsung Pay™, apps and merchants that store card information will only be storing the randomized token (not your actual card number). If a merchant's processor is hacked, they won't have access to your actual card information.
   Tokenization is a complicated tool that offers significantly improved security. Just like EMV chips in debit and credit cards have improved card protection at in-person transactions, tokenization improves card protection in the digital world, keeping your money and information secure.
AnnualMeetingCard Compromises
Another Way We Guard Against Fraud
    Capitol View takes many steps to prevent fraud. One important step we take is by immediately responding to lists we receive from our card processors notifying us of potentially compromised cards.
    When businesses and organizations believe their card systems may have been compromised, they send that information to the major card processors. Our card processors identify which of our cards may fall within the time frame and business related to the compromise. Some institutions will do nothing about the heightened risk and leave their cards susceptible to fraud. However, instead of waiting to react to fraud, Capitol View protectively issues new cards to effected members.
    If you are ever on one of these lists, you will receive a letter from us explaining the situation and when to expect a replacement card. Many times, fraud doesn't occur with these cards, however we take the extra step to ensure that your information is safe!
    For a limited time, Capitol View is offering up to $250 cash back* when you refinance your vehicle loan from another institution. Don't have a vehicle loan? You can still qualify for this promotion when you finance with Capitol View!

Contact us today to speak with
Doug or Kyle about your options.

*Rewards are disbursed after the first six months of on-time payments. Loans must be in good standing to qualify for rewards. See credit union for details. Existing Capitol View CU loans are not eligible. Offer valid for a limited time.
    As a not-for-profit institution, Capitol View works hard to provide the best service at a reasonable cost. Occasionally, we need to adjust our fees to match service demands. With that in mind, the following fee changes will be effective October 1, 2019:
  • Dormant Account Fee
    • For members 21 or older with only a Savings and Checking account, the following $5/month dormant account fee may be applied:
      • Account balances below $100 with no activity for 6 months
      • Account balances below $500 with no activity for 24 months
      • Account balances below $1,000 with no activity for 5 years
  • Stop Pay Fee
    • Fees for stop payments will increase to $30.
  • Reload Card Phone Load Fee
    • With added convenient, free alternatives to loading reload cards, same-day, phone reloads will now be $5 per request.
  • Loan Late Payment Fee
    • For all non-real estate loans, payments beyond 20 days past due will incur a late fee not to exceed 5% of the unpaid installment, max of $30.
StaffColumnQuarterly Staff Column 
"Access Capitol View Across The Metro!"
    We live in an age of convenience and immediate satisfaction. Some people may think that only large institutions can offer those luxuries. However, Capitol View puts our members first and has invested in technologies and services to rival large institutions including our mobile app, mobile check deposit, electronic funds transfer tool, and nationwide shared branch locations with the Co-Op Shared Branch Network.
    In addition to all of those services, Capitol View members also have access to their accounts across the Des Moines metro. Currently, 18 local credit unions are available for Capitol View members to make deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, review history, and more. The next time you're across town look for one of these convenient shared branch credit unions:
  • Affinity CU
  • Collins Community CU
  • Community Choice CU
  • Cornerstone Community CU
  • Des Moines Metro CU
  • First Class Community CU
  • Journey CU (formerly Tradesmen CU)
  • Midland CU
  • Serve CU

Benjamin Sheridan
Assistant Manager
SecurityTipQuarterly Security Tip - "Free Trials"
Products will often times offer "free trials" in order to get you to try a product, risk-free. However, they almost always require a credit card on file and include fine print. This fine print authorizes them to begin recurring payments once the trial is finished, even without you placing future orders. In many cases, members are unable to dispute these charges.  Always be cautious of what terms you are agreeing to with so called "free trials".
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