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Howdy CTGCSA Members, 
The rainy days of spring seem like a faint memory as the dog days of summer are upon us for the next few weeks.  The days of pumping and repairing bunkers and cart path only are replaced with dragging hoses and spot watering.  As we go through the summer it is time to start planning the event schedule for 2016. If you would like to host an event next year get in touch with me, Jared Heine or Carol Cloud.  With that in mind, November will be here soon and with that comes the time for new board members.  Please let me know if you would like to get your name on the ballot. Thank you all for making CTGCSA a great organization and I look forward to seeing you at Plum Creek for the Crew Event on October 5th.

Thomas Speakman
Central Texas GCSA - President 

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Thank you notes from some of our lucky 2015 Scholarship winners!

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By ceasing maintenance of little-used   areas of their golf course, Hidden Falls  Golf Club dramatically improved their  financial outlook. (USGA/Darren Carroll)
Case Study: The No-Mow Experiment at Hidden Falls
By Kevin Robbins
The staff at Hidden Falls Golf Club no longer mows 42 acres of its course, a measure that has done much more than reduce the club's water usage and therefore trim expenditures - it has ensured the club's survival.
The semi-private club in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin faced bleak financial projections last fall. Its membership of 105 and modest daily-fee play
 would fall short of sustaining the course's future without dramatic measures. Club administrators thought they had done all they could, short of abandoning essential services. 
That's when superintendent Jamie Kizer and general manager Jeff Wilson redefined "essential."  Read Article

CTGCSA Member in the News - Jeremy Laak, Olympia 
Hills Golf Course

Jeremy Laak does more by 9 a.m. than most people do all day. And on a good day, he'll have 
150 witnesses able to attest to his early-morning biddings.

2015-2016 Hunting Season is right around the corner...
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Sign up you Equipment Manager for complimentary GCSAA 
membership through 2015

Don't forget to sign up your equipment manager for this limited opportunity to enjoy full, complimentary membership in 2015. In February, GCSAA members approved the new membership classification, and equipment managers can now take advantage of benefits and resources available to GCSAA members, including new education opportunities tailored specifically for equipment managers.


Texas Facing Major Climate Change Impacts, Study Finds
Texas probably will see a sharp increase in heat-related deaths and coastal storm-related losses in the coming decades if nothing is done to mitigate a changing climate, according to a new study commissioned by a bipartisan group of prominent policymakers and company executives aiming to spawn concern - and action - in the business community over the much-debated warming trend.

Be Air Aware
Typically known as ozone season, March through November is the period when ground-level ozone levels spike in Texas. Limiting emissions from operating vehicle engines, electric generation units, industrial facilities, and many everyday activities, including nursery and landscaping operations can help reduce ozone levels.
GCSAA News and Updates
Effective Mower Configurations to Optimize 
Putting Green Playability - equipment management series

Aug. 26, 2015
2 p.m. (Central)John C. Sorochan, Ph.D.

Preparing the playing field is a critical element for golf course superintendents. Mowing is one of the most important aspects - and a direct impact on the equipment management function. Join John Sorochan, Ph.D., for this 60-minute webinar to learn about the latest mower engineering configurations to develop mowing practices that successfully manage putting greens. Discussion will include:
  • Understanding and incorporating grooming brushes into your putting green mowing schedule
  • Understanding "Behind Center Distance" (BCD), and how aggressive BCD mower configurations impact effective height of cut
  • Understanding "Behind Center Distance" (BCD), and how aggressive BCD mower configurations impact clipping yield and sand topdressing incorporation
  • Understanding "Frequency of Clip" (FOC) and effective mowing height for putting green speed

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Melrose Leadership Academy
Central Texas GCSA Members - I can't recommend highly enough that you consider applying for this program. It is a fantastic opportunity if you have not been able to attend the conference for the past five years. There have been members from the South Central region chosen in the past and they have all had great experiences and recommend the program highly. The deadline is September 15, so don't delay. Please contact me if I can help you with the application process or answer any questions. Brian Cloud - GCSAA Field Staff  

that isn't maroon. But, there is no denying that the turf program at Texas Tech has taken some really great strides over the past two years under the leadership of Joey Young, Ph.D. This momentum was very obvious at the recent 2nd annual Turfgrass Field Day held in Lubbock in July. More than 200 individuals attended to hear about the latest turfgrass research that is being conducted by Dr. Young and his team at the Quaker Research Farm on the Texas Tech campus. 
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