You Can't Beat 3rd Street (Programs)

As our Summer Health Education Program (SHEP) wraps, Youth Outreach Squad (YOS), 3rd Street Leadership Academy (3LA), and HealthCore are about to kick off!

3rd Street's Youth Development Programs are the building blocks for our youth, preparing them to take on bigger challenges at college, in the workforce, in relationships, and life in general. Youth are encouraged to participate in all three programs, beginning with SHEP, YOS, 3LA, and then, if interested in learning about careers in allied health, HealthCore.

Read on for details about the programs beginning in September along with pictures of some fun SHEP events over the summer.


Youth Outreach Squad offers youth ages 12-16 comprehensive mental and physical health outreach training. Youth have the opportunity to learn about topics such as STI and HIV prevention, nutrition, reproductive health, healthy relationships, and project planning and implementation. YOS helps youth learn to manage their health, demystifies the medical system, and raises awareness of the relationship between poverty, violence, and chronic poor health. 


3rd Street Leadership Academy (3LA) gives youth interested in advocacy and political engagement the space to develop their leadership and change-making skills. Youth learn about health issues, politics, and dive deep into the social and environmental issues that impact their health and the health of their neighborhood. Participants have the chance to develop original campaigns and programs that will benefit their community. 

Applications are due THIS FRIDAY, 8/26. Please click here to join.

For any questions or concerns please email


HealthCore is a one-year fellowship program that prepares young adults ages 17-24 for success in a career in allied health. While enrolled in community college courses and 3rd Street’s own health classes, participants learn about human anatomy, physiology, and body systems. They also explore important health topics including diabetes, trauma, and reproductive health, while critically examining health disparities, and mastering key concepts from the field of public health. Over the course of the year, participants investigate a variety of health careers, engage in professional development with mentors who are experts in the field, and visit local health facilities and community-based organizations. 

Please click here to fill out the application.

Summer Highlights from SHEP


SHEP, an eight-week program for high school students, is held each summer from June to August. SHEP members receive comprehensive health outreach training regarding services, public speaking, project planning and implementation, healthy relationships, STI and HIV prevention, nutrition, reproductive health, diversity, and group facilitation.

SHEP members represent 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic by conducting outreach throughout the community, via social media, tabling events, and street outreach. They also had some time to unwind and connect with each other as shown below.

kayaking at candlestick

Kayaking at Candlestick πŸš£πŸ½β€β™‚️

swimming at MLK

Swimming at MLK πŸŠπŸ½β€β™‚️

Yoga in the Park πŸ™πŸ½

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