3rd Street Flats    


The former Kings Inn, the oldest vacant motel in downtown Reno, is now 3rd Street Flats, an upscale apartment building with 94 units. It will reopen for the first time in summer 2016. "It's great to see a long-standing challenge for the city of Reno reclaimed and redeveloped," said Par Tolles, president of Basin Street Properties in a press release.

The clean-up phase of the building's revitalization is complete so now construction of the interior has started. The building was stripped down to the concrete holding it together after years of neglect. Developer Bengochea joked that his wife saw the pigeon-infested interior and couldn't believe he wanted to buy it. But Bengochea recognized its solid construction and "great bones. 

"It's going to increase the livability of the area," Bengochea said. "I think everybody wants to live downtown in this generation. They work down here, they eat, they hang out with their friends downtown, it's going to give them that option."

The units will have super high speed internet. Tolles said the apartments are aimed at young professionals in their late 20s, early 30s. All across the country, millennials are flocking into urban downtown cores, away from the suburbs.

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