Update: Streaming improved today and is getting smoother. We are going to continue sharing the videos without password protection tomorrow until production is fine tuned. If you experienced freezing please make sure your video player setting (click the gear icon on the video player) is on "Auto". This should help smooth out playback.

It was amazing to see 2,646 online views today. Many of them from across the country. A big round of applause is owed to Jon & ICE for organizing and executing amazing virtual classes for The Herd.

If you miss a live stream, you can still do the work out on-demand by visiting vimeo.com/getsomefitness

Tomorrow we will have classes at 9:30am (Sculpt with Jon), Noon (Weights with ICE) 2pm (Barre Intensity with Jessica). After a week of filming, you will have a solid on-demand library for members to select from.

On behalf of the entire team, we appreciate your notes of encouragement!! The community is what makes all of this worth it!!

In good health,