Nassau County
Bar Association

April 1, 2020

Dear NCBA Members:

I hope everyone is holding up okay. We are constantly adding new content to the NCBA website. Ann Burkowsky and Liz Post have been working hard to consistently upload the information you need. Ann just added a section with useful information on Zoom including video tutorials and article links. It will continue to be updated. Check it out on the NCBA COVID-19 page under the heading "Zoom Tutorials"at:

The Coronavirus pandemic will continue to profoundly affect the Nassau County community. I have asked Past President Martha Krisel to Chair a community response task force, working with Gale Berg and selected NCBA Committee Chairs and liaising with other bar associations, the courts, and other organizations. We hope to play an important role in helping to address the foreseeable and perhaps the currently unforeseen consequences of the spread of COVID-19 in our county. If you have ideas on ways in which the NCBA can help, please reach out to Martha at .  

Specifically regarding the future of the Nassau County Supreme Court during the Coronavirus pandemic, I’ve appointed a task force drawn from the Supreme Court, Plaintiff’s Personal Injury, and Defendant’s Personal Injury Committees. I have asked Bill Croutier, Jr., to Chair the task force and for the other members to be: Steve Cohn, Chris McGrath, Ira Slavit, Dave Barry and Matt Lambert. If you have ideas or concerns, please reach out to Bill or Chris.

Also, below is an updated memo from Judge St. George regarding virtual courtroom protocols for Nassau County.

*Please note that the correct email address
for LAS is  

We are so happy that many of you are taking advantage of CLE on Demand while you are self-isolating. To help the Academy staff, please send all CLE affirmation forms to as opposed to an individual staff member. Our wonderful staff is working hard to turn these certificates around to you so we ask for your patience. If possible, please try to consolidate your forms into one or two emails, as opposed to multiple ones. New titles will continually be added so as to keep the offerings new and diverse, and this on demand service is something we are planning on keeping as a new member benefit. For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to check it out, please visit .

Stay safe,
Rick Collins
Richard D. Collins
NCBA President