Dear Families,

We are closing on another week and we both wanted to reach out to you and let you know what has been happening at Pickering Manor.
We continue to be relieved to report that we have no reported cases within our resident or staff populations. We could not be more grateful. We’re sure that most of you have known someone personally that has tested positive; whether it was a friend, neighbor or family member. We simply try to get through each day and smile (with our eyes because we’re all wearing masks) that we’re closing on another day in this long siege of waiting.
As we’ve reported, we continue to screen our staff as they enter and exit; checking their temperatures and making sure they have on their masks prior to entering the resident areas. We are 100% compliant in that regard. All our staff realize that our resident’s health relies on their health. We continue tray service to the rooms for all meals and I congratulate our Dining Services staff for keeping the quality of our meals the same as it was when it was served table side. Our Activities Staff continue to think of new, fun ways to keep our residents engaged. They’re doing hallway games while practicing social distancing. Which, by the way, is a phrase that never existed before but will probably be one that will follow us into our future! We have met and inserviced all Housekeeping staff on the continued importance of cleaning and disinfecting. I’m sure every one of you are practicing the same in your own homes!
We started a fundraising initiative through one of our family members to raise money to buy iPads! These iPads will be used to increase and facilitate communication with all of you, as well as play music and games during these times of isolation. They will be used for Telemedicine/TeleHealth, which is how the physicians are now ‘seeing’ their patients to reduce the amount of time they’re in the facility since many of them have been in the hospitals and exposed to other patients. They will be a means to bring the face/voice of a family member from far away during a Hospice situation. If you would like more information, please check our Facebook page or call the facility and speak with Jennifer Miller in Development at (215) 968-3878 Ext. 1112.
We have also began the process of setting up a dedicated area for potential COVID+ cases among our population. An area will be closed off by plastic sheeting and in the event of a symptomatic resident, they will be immediately moved to that area and tested. Their roommate will be tested as well, along with anyone else that may have been in contact. As families, you will be notified of this process as it occurs; let’s all pray you never get that call. We are praying as well.
In closing, and speaking of this time when Jews and Christians alike celebrate being saved at Passover and during the days leading up to Easter; the message we want to send all of you is one of HOPE. Hope is the basis of those holidays and it seems only fitting that we write this message to you today. Hope is what keeps all of us moving forward. We will continue to love your parents, your husbands, your wives; because they are our families as well.
In peace and gratitude,

Michelle Knobloch
Chief Executive Officer


Terry Ziegler
Director of Nursing

About Pickering Manor

Located in Newtown, PA, Pickering Manor is a non-profit senior-living facility offering 10 semi-detached cottages, 24 apartments, 22 private personal care rooms and 47 licensed skilled nursing beds.

Pickering was founded in 1963 and is the only community-owned and operated senior residence in Pennsylvania.