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4/14 /2016 

Please join us for our final Freshman Coffee, Mon, Apr 18 at 9:30 am at the Great Falls Library. If you would can help with set up or bring food, please sign-up using this link.
Our class needs a new class parent volunteer coordinator. If you are interested, please contact our head class parent Lynn Conforti, at

Our final parent coffee  is  Thurs, May 12 at 9 am  at the Khan home, 8951 Brook Rd, McLean . Join us as we start to navigate the  college selection process . Hannah Wolff and Jan Dabrowski will discuss the college process, including what rising juniors should think about this summer, finding the right-fit college, PSATs and standardized testing, the Naviance tool and more.

Breakfast foods will be provided.  If you would like to bring something, please sign up here.
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when lhs gets a report card
How can anyone be confident that their high school meets the highest standards for schools nationwide? Independent accreditors review schools periodically to provide this assurance to administrators, educators, parents -- and, importantly, to higher ed admissions offices.

FCPS's regional accreditor is the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), which evaluates LHS every five years. We maintained our accreditation this year after a rigorous two-day visit from a SACS team, who met with parents, teachers, staff, students and community members. The team also examined supporting documentation, including test scores, as well as results from surveys administered earlier this year to students and teachers (at a 60% response rate) and parents (at 20%). 
The final report recognized Langley's many strengths, but as with most report cards, there was also some room for improvement . . .

Please see below for Terri Markwart's full explanation of what the SACS evaluation will mean for LHS going forward.  
autism event
Phil Martin, a DC social media influencer, uses his art to share his experiences about life with Asperger's. An award-winning photographer, he is self-taught and uses mostly his iPhone for taking pictures. Phil began photography as a hobby in late 2012 after joining Instagram. He has since traveled the country as a photographer with Amtrak and Passion Passport, and he has established his own advocacy project called Autism Actually Speaks.
Phil came to visit Langley the other day to speak to students about his photography, his work for Autism Speaks, and how his diagnosis of Asperger's has shaped who he is as an artist and as an  individual. He also spoke to Fox 5 DC the other week about his experiences (you can find the video here). And you can see more of his work on Instagram, @phil.martin, and on his website.  

I love portrait photography because of the connection that is created between the photographer and the individual. You have to capture an image that defines the life of the person you're photographing. -- Phil Martin
ask student services
Q: What are the requirements for my senior to earn a civics seal on their diploma?
A: Here's a list of civics seal requirements: 
1. Satisfy the requirement to earn a Standard Diploma or an Advanced Studies Diploma
2. Complete VA and US History and VA and   US Gov courses with a grade of "B" or higher 
3. Complete 50 hours of voluntary participation in community service or extracurricular activities.  Any student who enlists in the US military prior to graduation will be deemed to have met this requirement
4. Have good attendance and no disciplinary infractions as determined by local school board policies

For more information about the Civics Seal, visit the Virginia Dept of Ed website. To apply, download the application form and turn in to your 12th grade Social Studies teacher. 

Q: What is a Service Learning Cord? Will my child not graduate if they do not complete any community service hours? 

A: Students who complete 10 hours of service learning in each grade, 9-12, for a total of 40 hours by the time of graduation, may be eligible for the FCPS Service Learning Cord. Service learning projects can be completed at school as class assignments, as a part of after-school club activities, or independently outside of school. The Service Learning Cord will be awarded to students during the Senior Awards Ceremony, and is to be worn during the graduation ceremony. Click here for Service Learning Application. You can always find local service learning opportunities on the LHS website by clicking here.  

Please use the application to record your service hours each year. Bring the completed application to your counselor senior year, and they will use the last page of it to verify your hours. Current seniors wishing to receive a service learning cord must submit a completed application to their school counselor by Fri, May 27.

Completing community service is not required for graduation. 
a new activity for lhs
Winterguard is the indoor winter version of color guard competition. Langley's fall color guard began two years ago and they recently formed a Winterguard team with McLean students. The McLean JV Winterguard team, which includes LHS students Jessica Cuddihy, Phoebe Jeddy, Simrin Jeddy, Annie Kie, Vicky Lin and Kalila Zenk, rounded out a successful season with a
3 rd -place finish in their division at the AIA Virginia Championships on April 2.
teen behavior warning signs
What is normal teen behavior vs. warning signs of a mental health or substance abuse problem? Will you recognize the difference and know what to do next? 

There will be a presentation on this sometimes scary topic on Tues, Apr 26, 7:30-9 pm, at Woodson HS. Fewer than half of teens with major depression and even fewer with substance abuse problems actually receive treatment. It can be difficult to differentiate between typical teenage behavior and problems and the symptoms of unhealthy levels of stress, drug or alcohol abuse, or serious emotional difficulties. Come improve your understanding of when your child might require professional help and learn what to do next. You can ask questions of child and adolescent experts: local psychologist Dr. Claudette Pilger, and Dominion Hospital (a mental health care facility) psychiatrist, Dr. Temitope Oyegbile. More information can be found here.
more dates for chicago
theatre:  Saxon Stage -- in our newly renovated theatre! -- will present the Tony-award-winning musical Chicago on April 14-16 and 22-23 at 7 pm . For more information, visit the  Saxon Stage  website Tickets went  on sale Apr 8 and can be purchased here.
Chicago is a dazzling and satirical look at fame, justice, and the media machine. Set in 1920s Chicago and based on real-life murders and trials, this musical tells the universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz with one show-stopping song after another! Please note this play contains mature content and language. 
sports events
support boosters: The new Robeks in McLean is partnering with Langley Boosters
on Thurs, April 21. Robeks will support Langley by sending Boosters 30% of that day's sales! That's the day we have early dismissal - think about stopping by Robeks after school and getting a delicious smoothie. The new store is located at 6661-A Old Dominion Dr, near Balducci's.

Support the Langley Boosters, whose motto is every athlete / every sport / every season.

honoring coach: Please join us in recognizing Coach Brewer's 21 years of  coaching on April 26 at LHS . This will take place at halftime. Game time is 7:15 pm vs Madison. Please spread the word with your old Langley Lacrosse email groups!
Registration is open for the FCPS Athletic Training Program Pre-Participation Screening (Physicals/PPE) at Langley on June 7. Go to and click on Sports Physicals (PPE) to register.
service learning opportunities
Fun Fair at Spring Hill ES, Sat Apr 16: The PTO is looking for a few responsible high schoolers to assist with their annual Fun Fair. Four volunteer shifts are available between 9:45 am and 3:45 pm . Contact

Churchill Road ES 5K, Sat, Apr 16, 8:30  am With 500 runners expected and an incredible post-race party with food, a DJ, inflatables and fitness demos, it promises to be the community event of the year. For more details and to register, go to . If you need community service hours and would like to volunteer at the race, please contact Claudette Kim at .  
about that report card ... 
As noted above, the final SACS report included detailed expectations for Langley going forward.

Two items fell under "improvement priorities," which means that SACS expects progress on these standards within two years (bold italic text is language directly from the report):
  • The school has a formal structure whereby each student is well known by at least one adult advocate in the school who supports that student's educational experience. To better meet this standard, LHS will investigate how to implement a formal adult mentoring structure similar to our Academic Support Program run by Mr. Barrs. The school would like to expand this program so more students have the opportunity to connect with an adult mentor in the building; so that no child slips under the radar.
  • Professional and support staffs continuously collect, analyze, and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation, and organizational conditions surrounding use of data. I know, that's a sentence that will give you a headache, but it points to something important -- that the best teaching practices involve consistent evaluation of the methods and goals of both instruction and assessments. The staff will need to have access to more robust professional development opportunities that address the evaluation and interpretation of various data points, such as standardized test scores, curriculum-based assessments, formative assessments (generally, these are low-stakes and monitor student learning by helping faculty recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately) as well as summative unit assessments (generally, for higher stakes to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against a benchmark, as with a midterm or final exam, project, paper, or senior recital). Training sessions are being planned over the next two years to help teachers craft their assessment practices with greater efficacy. In the simplest terms, the staff of Langley will continue their ongoing efforts to make graded work as meaningful a part of learning as it can be.
Also listed were "opportunities for improvement," items that SACS does not require action on, but highly encourages:
  • Teachers engage students in their learning through instructional strategies that ensure achievement of learning expectations, by adapting teaching strategies to meet ALL students' needs through differentiated instruction. More project-based learning (National History Day and Science Fair are examples of this) and cross-curricular projects are being discussed by staff and administration. LHS has been in contact with Cooper MS, as they have been a leader in Fairfax County with these types of projects the last few years. Further, LHS has incorporated project-based learning in the School Improvement Plan and has scheduled faculty professional development activities for the next school year.
  • Encourage more staff members to participate in a continuous program of professional learning either through FCPS provided programming or individually. Thanks to parent donations, the PTSA is able to offer $5,000 per year (up to $500 per person) to teachers to attend conferences, lectures and classes, so that they may continue to grow as educators. The PTSA will also look into bringing in speakers, giving even more teachers the chance to benefit from training.
Members of the school's team took advantage of the community-wide input they received from the surveys, and identified additional opportunities for growth:
  • While the school does well in supplying material and support for academic department curriculum teams, they may look at grade-level curriculum teams as well, to even better forge a fully integrated staff.
  • Students want to see a relationship between what is being taught and their everyday lives. School staff and the parent community should help illuminate consistently how our students' schoolwork is relevant to their futures.
  • LHS will continue to prioritize improved Special Education SOL scores.

This is certainly a lot to digest, but I believe it's important for students, faculty and parents to know that their survey responses, interviews and all of the collected data was taken into consideration during the re-accreditation. The school is completing the 2016-17 School Improvement Plan, which states specific goals and a timeline for reaching them. If you have suggestions on how to assist LHS in meeting these objectives, please feel free to reach out to the Langley PTSA.

~ Terri Markwart, PTSA President
Apr 14-16 Spring play - Chicago
Apr 19 Freshman class coffee
Apr 21
Two-hour early dismissal
Langley HS day at Robeks
Apr 22 Student Holiday
Apr 22-23
Spring play - Chicago
Apr 26 Langley Leap application deadline
Apr 27 Parent/Teacher book club, 9am
Apr 28 Junior class coffee
Apr 29 Activities fair for rising 9th graders
May 2-13 AP Exams
May 12
Sophomore class coffee, 9 am
May 14 Relay for Life
May 18
Senior Ethics Day
May 21
Junior/Senior Prom
May 25
Evening principal's coffee / PTSA meeting, 7 pm
May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

For additional details about these events, visit the Langley calendar