Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience and your understanding during this very difficult time. We are trying to stay in contact with you while making sure that our residents and staff continue to stay healthy!
It’s been an especially trying week for us, but once more, we’re relieved to report that we have no positive COVID-19 cases; either in our resident or our staff populations. Amid all of the reports that all of us have seen on the national news and headlines of the papers, the Senior Living industry is facing it’s greatest challenge to date. President, Governors, Health Experts; they’ve all admitted that our sector of the healthcare arena poses the highest risk and challenge. And it’s no wonder since 100% of our population is high-risk and they live in a congregate, communal setting. We empathize with the stress and the fear that all of you probably feel, we feel it too. We read and see those same stories.
In our goal of transparency of information with you, we are also sharing that we experienced our first potential COVID-19 cases. We had two residents with symptoms that caused concern. It is important to note that if any resident appears symptomatic, they and their roommate (due to potential exposure) are moved to the Isolation Zone located on the North end of our West Wing. Therefore, three of those residents were immediately moved to the Isolation Zone to be tested and the fourth sent to the hospital as per their physician’s order. All their families were notified of these transfers and the testing process. During this process, we implemented our COVID-19 Plan and had the full cooperation of both residents and staff. All staff working in the Isolation Zone wore full PPE including N95 masks; those working on the residents units also wore gowns and surgical masks. We divided the building into four zones with staff staying within their particular zone so as to minimize the potential of infection. We were also in contact with the Local and State Health Department officials while awaiting results.
We are relieved to report that all four residents tested negative. For that, we are extremely grateful and all residents were returned to their original rooms. Should a resident or staff test positive, all of you would receive notice of this. For HIPAA purposes, we do not release the name of that person. We also report those findings to the local and state Health Departments, and as of today, to the CDC, CMS and FEMA. Despite the negative results, we continue with the Infection Control measures put into place weeks ago....we restrict all visitors from entering the building; we continue with Universal Masking; we take the temperatures of all staff entering and exiting and are checking the vital signs of the residents every shift while monitoring them closely for any signs and symptoms.
We are also excited to share that through the fundraising efforts of one of our family members, we raised approximately $7,000 for the purchase of iPads! We’ve ordered 20 new iPads and 20 cases . These iPads will be distributed throughout the facility to aid in communicating with all of you! We know it’s so hard for you not to be able to see and touch your loved one and it’s hard for them too!! But we continue with Skype, FaceTime, phone calls and conversations through the windows! Our neighbors have been SO generous with making cards for the residents, masks for the staff, sending in delicious food and much-needed words of encouragement. Our thanks to all of them can never be fully expressed...
In closing, please know that we will continue to love our ‘family’ here at Pickering. We will continue to love you as well. These are our commitments. At the same time, we will try to take care of one another, for our staff is our most valuable asset! We need each and every one of them to stay healthy.
If any of you have any questions, please call or email us. We realize this is a lot to digest, but we always welcome any conversations with you. In the meanwhile, stay home, stay healthy, and wash your hands (a lot!)!!

In peace and gratitude,


Michelle Knobloch
Chief Executive Officer


Terry Ziegler
Director of Nursing

About Pickering Manor

Located in Newtown, PA, Pickering Manor is a non-profit senior-living facility offering 10 semi-detached cottages, 24 apartments, 22 private personal care rooms and 47 licensed skilled nursing beds.

Pickering was founded in 1963 and is the only community-owned and operated senior residence in Pennsylvania.