As a community, we continue to face an invisible threat to our public health and welfare. Due to this, the Village has taken an additional step to protect our residents and visitors against the spread of COVID-19.

On April 22, 2020, I signed an Executive Order requiring all individuals ages five and older while in public to wear face covers, and to restrict food service establishments to curbside pickup, drive-through and/or delivery only. This Order was created not only to protect our public health, but also the health of our essential workers. This order will take effect at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Our Village team has already begun working with our businesses to notify them of the requirements and provide signage. Staff is also encouraging them to limit the number of customers inside of their locations at any given time and to provide refuse containers at cart corrals for the disposal of spent face coverings and gloves. Entrance to essential businesses are to be refused to any individual who is not wearing a face cover. Restaurant customers will no longer be allowed inside to collect their food orders. 

I am urging all of our essential businesses to do the right thing to protect their workers and their customers during these unprecedented times. Those that do not follow the Order could jeopardize their business license and face fines. Additionally, individuals who do not wear face coverings can also be cited and fined.

Face coverings must be worn while you are shopping for groceries, home supplies, medicine, and other essentials, and when you go to see your doctor or take public transportation. You do not have to wear a face cover while you are inside of your own home, while you are in a vehicle, or if you are outside observing social distancing (such as exercising, doing yard work or walking your dog). 

The Village of Buffalo Grove is unable to provide face masks or coverings to our residents because we must utilize what supplies we do have to protect our first responders. If you do not have a mask or a face cover, please visit the Village’s website at for instructions on how to easily make one with items in your home.

I understand that all the restrictions we are living through right now may be overwhelming, discouraging and even frustrating. Please know that we as a Village are taking all the steps we believe are necessary to protect all of us to get through this pandemic. I want to thank all of our residents for their resolve during this crisis. Together, we will get through this.

Thank you,
Beverly Sussman                                                                
Village President
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