We are dedicated to serving families, teachers, and students by supporting at-home learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. In partnership with GaDOE, we are offering an instruction broadcast schedule on GPB-TV and online learning resources. Kids can still find their favorite shows on GPB's PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and at .
We will be offering daily resources and activities to support your home learning plan. For more resources, go to .
In case you hadn’t heard, Ruff Ruffman, canine host of the PBS KIDS TV series, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, is making a movie! In this Augmented Reality, multi-player game, you need to keep up with lunch orders from Ruff’s movie crew. The challenge is keeping track of how many pieces of sushi everyone wants.
On weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, GPB TV has modified its programming schedule to support distance learning. All coinciding activities for the week can be found on . Planning ahead? Preview next week's schedule here .
Ruff Ruffman loves to explore the world through science and engineering. You and your child can explore the concept of friction by conducting an investigation using a toy car and ramp. See what you need to get racing!
This cross-age reading program, using MARTHA SPEAKS videos, is an innovative way for elementary students to increase their vocabulary, develop their self-esteem and social skills, and enhance their love of books and reading.
In this video, learn about the critical role of mathematics in the work of a pharmacist. Pharmacists must accurately measure and package medicine, ensuring that its dosage is safely administered to a patient. 
Just ten years after the Articles of Confederation was drawn up in 1777, representatives met in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution. Georgia sent four men who played a critical role in what came to be known as the “Great Compromise.”
Join GPB Education for an exploratory overview of our comprehensive digital resources for secondary ELA, including how to find the best collections and utilize great strategies.
Join GPB Education for an exploratory overview of our comprehensive digital resources for mathematics, including instructional strategies, game-based lessons, and hands-on activities.
Ready, set, assess! Join GPB Education for a special tech tip webinar as we highlight three of our favorite assessment tools: Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Gimkit. Understand the basics of each and learn about all the latest and greatest features.
Are you ready to go on an around the world, ABC adventure? With the “SUPER WHY ABC Adventures: Alphabet” app, your child can do just that while playing a comprehensive collection of five interactive literacy games that help build strategies and skills to master the alphabet!
GPB Education has launched a robust website offering an abundance of PreK-12 digital learning resources and a new GPB-TV programming schedule to support at-home learning.
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