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Min. Bob Cutting
Minister Bob Cutting
From Him the whole body [the church, in all its various parts], joined and knitted firmly together by what every joint supplies, when each part is working properly, causes the body to grow and mature, building itself up in [unselfish] love.











Good Day! Many people say nice things to pastors as they leave the church building. However, for a called pastor do you know what sounds best?

It goes like this: "That was good, I grew from it." You see for all called pastors, they don't want you to grade the presentation, they want you to constantly grow from it. They want to know if they hit the target for growth. They agree with Jesus that you must grow. They should look at themselves as only a tool to that end.
Let us pray.
Dear Father God,

May we look at and compliment each presentation differently from now on.
May we look for the growth in it. 

 I n Jesus Holy Name, we pray!

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