April 5, 2019

Board President's Update
Board Will Consider New Sexual Health Education Curriculum at April 9 meeting

California law requires public school districts to provide sexual health education and HIV prevention education at both middle and high school levels (California Healthy Youth Act, Education Code 51930-51939). School districts may choose the curriculum provided that the curriculum complies with certain subject and content requirements.

SMUSD Director of Curriculum and Instruction Jason Kurtenbach convened a committee of interested persons to review three different state-approved curricula and to recommend the curriculum best suited for our District. This SMUSD committee includes ten parents, five teachers, and four administrators.

At the April 9th meeting, Mr. Kurtenbach will make a presentation to the Board of Education about the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act. Mr. Kurtenbach will present the review committee's curriculum recommendations, the timeline for implementation, teacher training, parent information nights, and the ability of the Board and public to review the curriculum. He will also discuss the rules regarding parents' ability to opt out of instruction on behalf of their children.

Community members interested in learning more about the California Healthy Youth Act and recommended curriculum are encouraged to attend the April 9 meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the District's Board room.

For information about other topics being discussed at the School Board meeting, please click here to view the agenda.
The deadline for applications to serve as the Superintendent of the San Marino Unified School District passed on Thursday, April 4. As of that date, there were 44 applications from educators around the country, representing 12 different states.

Search firm consultants James Guerra and Mike Escalante will be meeting with the Board of Education in Closed Session on Tuesday, April 16, to present the applications of vetted candidates, including the viewing of video interviews. Based on the position profile developed with San Marino community input, the Board will identify its top candidates and will invite those candidates to interview in person during Closed Session on April 26 and 27.
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