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Week 13: April 6, 2018
1.   Tax Reform Monitoring, UNCHANGED
·        Waiting on joint budget targets to move forward
·        SF2383 :Tax Reform-- OPPOSE, Passed out of Senate on a 29-21 vote
·       Would increase taxes on Credit Union but cuts $1.2 billion in taxes over 5 years
·        HSB671 : Governor's Tax Bill-- UNDECIDED
·       Does NOT increase taxes for Credit Unions but cuts $1.7 billion in taxes over 6 years
·       Total State budget is ~$7 billion

2.    Telephone Property Tax: SF2388 Support, UPDATED
·      House subcommittee recommended passage on 4.4.18
·      Passed out of Senate on 39 to 8 vote with amendment S5189: would delay portions of implementation by 3 years
·      Would change property tax structure for telephone companies from an outdated unit valuation to an assessment mechanism that is neutral, competitive, simple & consistent

3.   Utility Matters: SF2311 —Monitoring, UPDATED
· 16 amendments filed this week
· Passed by the Senate (with Amendments) on 3.6.18
·       Sections 3-7, 10, 11, 13 and 16 are still good policy changes for our REC members
·     Provides regulatory parity and clarifies IUB oversight of locally rate-regulated utilities
·      Includes several code “clean-up” provisions helping streamline the statute for locally rate-regulated utilities    

4.   Property Tax Backfill: HSB678 —Monitoring, UPDATED
·      P hases out the property tax backfill payments to local/county governments
·      P ut in place in 2013 as property tax reform, replacing decline in revenue
·       FY 2018, reduces payments from ~$150 million to $100 million, then an additional $25 million each fiscal year until 2021, leaving $25 million as the new backfill budget

5.   Industrial Hemp: SF2398 —Monitoring, UPDATED
· Passed out of Senate unanimously on 4.4.18-- sent to House
·      Provides provisions for statewide industrial hemp research, marketing and enforcement

6.   Relating to Water Quality: HF2440 —Monitoring, UNCHANGED
· Passed out of committee-- placed on unfinished business
·      Strikes a requirement for drainage districts to use edge-of-field infrastructure

The Governor held a Future Ready Iowa Summit this week. Pictures from the event are on our Facebook Page . Let Katie know if you have any questions on starting a registered apprenticeship.

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