Nassau County
Bar Association

April 6, 2020

Dear NCBA Members:

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy. As we face a new week ahead, the NCBA has a few exciting announcements this week and some valuable new additions to our COVID-19 web page that could be of use to you, your clients, and the community.

NCBA COVID-19 Web Page

The NCBA COVID-19 page is being updated daily with useful information and resources for members and the public. Some new links include housing and unemployment resources, as well as legal resources for the community that could be of use to your clients. Please continue to check back daily at .

Our social media accounts are also being updated regularly. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

COVID-19 NCBA CLE Programs

Thanks to the hard work of the Nassau Academy of Law, we are continuing to bring you CLE from the comfort of home.

Both programs will qualify for skills for newly admitted attorneys.

See below for two new CLE programs discussing useful legal resources regarding COVID-19.

April, 7, 2020
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
CARES ACT—Paycheck Protection Program
Please fill out the below forms in their entirety at the conclusion of the April 7 CLE program and email back to

April 8, 2020
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
The COVID-19 Tax Relief for Small Businesses and Individuals: What You Need to Know
Please fill out the below forms in their entirety at the conclusion of the April 8 CLE program and email back to

Zoom Security

We are committed to helping our members stay in touch during the difficult days ahead. The platform that we have chosen for our members is Zoom. Zoom will allow Committee Chairs to host virtual meetings for the members. After downloading the Zoom app, members will be able to join meetings by both video and audio. Upon joining the meeting, members will be “muted.” Committee Chairs, or the member organizing the meeting will have the ability to “unmute” members who wish to join the discussion.

Please be aware that we are aware of some concerns in the media regarding Zoom and privacy considerations. Although no platform allowing remote communications is fail-proof, the prior problems facing Zoom users occurred during “public” meetings. Essentially, this meant that any member of the public could join this meeting. In order to prevent an unwanted intrusion into a Committee meeting, all Committee Chairs hosting a meeting will be briefed on basic meeting protocol. Most importantly, meetings will not be “public,” but rather only available to those members with a specific link.  

Keeping Safe During COVID-19

It is important for us to continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC so that we are doing our part to flatten the curve. Please remember to:

·       Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water
·       Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze
·       Avoid close contact with others, especially those who are sick or displaying symptoms (6 ft. apart)
·       Do not touch your face
·       Stay home as much as possible, especially when feeling sick and self-isolate if you begin to show symptoms

Together, we will make it through this. Stay safe and well.

Rick Collins
Richard D. Collins
NCBA President