June 25, 2019
 Four SCIL Sponsored Animal Protection Bills
Sweep Through Legislative Committees

Legislation that will support animal blood banks and microchipping, and ban exotic skins and animals in circuses, swept through committees, getting one step closer to Governor Newsom’s signature

Animal rights advocates from across California made their voices heard, calling on legislators to pass four bills that would increase animal safety and protections.

The four bills, sponsored by the animal advocacy group Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL), have been approved by legislative committees and are now headed to their respective Senate and Assembly appropriations committees, after which they will go up for a Floor vote, then off to the Governor.

“California has sent a clear message that it supports protecting animals from cruelty and torture, expanding resources for veterinarians and mandating microchipping of rescued animals, thereby decreasing the incidence of euthanasia in our shelters,” SCIL founder and CEO Judie Mancuso said. “This was a truly remarkable day for animal protection in California.”

The four bills that progressed today were:

SB 64 (Chang) Pet Microchippin g , was approved on a vote of 19-0 by the Assembly Business & Professions Committee . SB 64, authored by Senator Ling Ling Chang, requires that all municipal animal shelters microchip any dog or cat that is either adopted or claimed by a pet owner. In addition to saving the lives of thousands of pets, this bill will also save California taxpayers funds by significantly reducing the number of animals euthanized and sheltered. The bill has been waived from the Assembly Appropriations Committee and will be reporting to the full Assembly Floor for a vote.

"YES": Evan Low (D), William Brough (R), Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D), Richard Bloom (D), Todd Gloria (D), Phillip Chen (R), David Chiu (D), Jordan Cunningham (R), Susan Eggman (D), Vince Fong (R), Mike Gipson (D), Timothy Grayson (D), Chris Holden (D), Jacqui Irwin (D), Kevin McCarty (D), Jose Medina (D), Kevin Mullin (D), Jay Obernolte (R), Phillip Ting (D)
"NOES" : None
No Vote Recorded: None

SB 202 (Wilk) Animal Blood Banks , was approved 12-0 by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. California currently suffers from a shortage of animal blood, which is desperately needed by veterinarians for lifesaving transfusions. SB 202, authored by Senator Scott Wilk (R-Lancaster), aims to address the shortage by allowing for the commercial use of blood from community-sourced animal donors, providing a new, abundant supply of blood for veterinarians. The bill will now be heard and voted on by the Assembly Agriculture Committee on July 3rd.

"YES": Mark Stone (D), Ash Kalra (D), Lorena Gonzalez (D), James Gallagher (R), Ed Chau (D), David Chiu (D), Chris Holden (D), Kevin Kiley (R),
Brian Maienschein (D), Jay Obernolte (R), Cottie Petrie-Norris (D), Eloise Gomez Reyes (D)
"NOES" : None
No Vote Recorded:  None

SB 313 (Hueso) CA Circus Cruelty Prevention Act , was approved 9-2-1 by the Assembly Judiciary Committee . Wild bears, tigers, elephants and other animals in circuses are carted around the country, often in extreme conditions, and are forced to do difficult, unnatural tricks. If they don’t perform, sometimes they are beaten. This bill, authored by state Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), would ban the cruel use of animals in circuses in California. SB 313 will now be sent to Assembly Appropriations Committee.

"YES": Mark Stone (D), Ash Kalra (D), Lorena Gonzalez (D), Ed Chau (D), David Chiu (D), Chris Holden (D), Brian Maienschein (D), Cottie Petrie-Norris (D), Eloise Gomez Reyes (D)
"NOES" : James Gallagher (R), Kevin Kiley (R)
"Did Not Vote" : Jay Obernolte (R)

AB 1260 (Maienschein) Exotic Skins , was approved 7-2-0 by the Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee . There is currently a ban on the importation with the intent to sell and the sale of several threatened or endangered species , including big cats, polar bears, dolphins, and other animals. AB 1260, authored by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, adds hippopotami, caiman, and several lizard species to that list, working to further protect animals that are suffering greatly for the sake of fashion and vanity. The bill will now be set to be heard in Senate Appropriations Committee.

Henry Stern (D), Anna Caballero (D), Hannah-Beth Jackson (D), Ben Hueso (D), Bill Monning (D), Robert Hertzberg (D), Ben Allen (D)
"NOES" : Brian Jones (R), Andreas Borgeas (R)
"Did Not Vote" : None

“Animal lovers throughout the state need to keep the pressure up!” Mancuso said. “These bills save lives, we are so grateful to our authors, coauthors and each member that voted for our bills. California legislators have good hearts and they believe in a common-sense compassionate approach to solving problems; but it’s up to us to raise their awareness of these important issues to ensure animals have a voice in the legislature.”
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Judie Mancuso
Social Compassion in Legislation
Social Compassion in Legislation