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March 2017 Newsletter


Finally Spring is here (I think) though it seems that Winter doesn't want to completely leave as the cold weather alternates with the warmer weather every few days.  We are very busy with stagings as this season is known as the "Spring Market" when more homes are traditionally put on the market than at any other time of the year.  Spring represents new beginnings. Buyers come out of hibernation after a cold winter.  Also, both buyers and sellers also wish to be in a new home in time for the beginning of a school year in September. 

This month I am pleased to share with you the staging and sale of a duplex apartment in a townhouse in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan. After a price adjustment to more accurately reflect the current market, this home ended up selling at over 8% of its asking price.  See below for more information and the Before and After photos. 

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Donna M. Dazzo, President
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Testimonial of the Month:
Featured Staging: Murray Hill 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath Co-op Staged and Sold at 8% Over Ask!!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Tricks to Hide Light Switches, Outlets, and Toilet Roll Holders
Did You Know...? April Fools' Day Fast Facts
Market Overview: The East End
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  Testimonial of the MonthTestimonial

"Donna did an excellent job staging this large property. The staging was key to our marketing strategy. I have worked with Donna on multiple occasions and she has always done an excellent job - not just on the furnishings but on preparing the apartment or townhouse to show at its best. I am a fan."

Lisa Fitzig
Corcoran, New York, NY
Murray Hill 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath Co-op 
Staged and Sold at 8% Over Ask!!

This apartment represented a bit of a challenge due to its layout on the main floor. The tenant occupying the space had erected a wall around the spiral staircase that led up to the second level and had closed off this section with French doors. He had used the front of the first floor as an office for his business and wanted to separate both the kitchen, which was in the rear of the lower level, and the staircase from clients entering the front door. 

However, in putting it on the market, we needed to make it feel like more of a home.  The rooms definitely needed to be defined with furniture, as most buyers upon entering would wonder what room they were in.

So we set about defining the entry, which was set on a landing, with a small bench, removing the French doors so the staircase was visible, and setting up a dining room and living room on the main floor.  The extended kitchen had space for more dining, but we decided to set it up as a family room centered around a fireplace with a small table for eating and sofas and a TV.  We also painted the dark wood beamed ceiling to lighten up the space as it was a dark area with low ceilings that needed to feel more open and bright.

Foyer Before Staging

Foyer After Staging

Foyer Hallway Before Staging

Foyer Hallway After Staging

Living Room Before Staging

Living Room After Staging

Dining Room Before Staging

Dining Room After Staging

Family Room Before Staging 

Family Room After Staging

Kitchen Before Staging

Kitchen After Staging

Master Bedroom Before Staging
Master Bedroom After Staging

Girl's Bedroom Before Staging

Girl's Bedroom Before Staging

Boy's Bedroom Before Staging

Boy's Bedroom Before Staging

Guest Bedroom/Den Before Staging

Guest Bedroom/Den After Staging

To view the entire report click here. 

Additionally, according to The Real Deal, the market is experiencing a mini, mid-market slow down. To read more about this click here!
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Tricks to Hide Light Switches, Outlets and Toilet Roll Holders

Principal Designer and  Houzz contributor Yanic Simard shares some tips about how to "embrace camouflage and other design moves to make these eyesores virtually disappear."


Under cabinet mounting
Toronto Interior Design Group

If you're undertaking a renovation or a new home build, you can often achieve a clean, contemporary look, such as the uncluttered backsplash shown here, with a little thoughtful positioning.

 Vessels and other decor
Lupe Clemente Fotografia

If renovation isn't on the table, you can still effectively hide outlets. Often all you need is one large storage vessel or attractive vase to hide your outlet when not in use.

Toilet Roll Holders

Within the vanity

If you're willing to go an extra step, tuck a toilet paper roll holder into the side of the vanity (rather than attached to the outside) for a clean, hotel-chic look. Often the upper area of a vanity is already unusable for drawer storage due to the sink and piping, so it makes sense to give this empty space a new use.

Underneath the vanity 
Hang a roll holder from the bottom of the sink. It can be epoxied into place or attached more temporarily with a good double-sided tape. When standing, you'll barely notice it.



Mirror switch plates work well with a mirrored or high-gloss tile backsplash, but they also can be used with other materials to create a decorative but subtle accent.

For more tips click  here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
   April Fools' Day Fast Facts
Nobody really knows for sure where and when April Fools' customs began. Although some historians believe it was in France, stemming from a calendar change in the 16th century when the Gregorian calendar was adopted, and New Year's Day moved from April 1st to January 1st.

Below are some notable pranks accomplished in previous years. 

Early 1950s - The BBC ran a 'news' item about the spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. 

1985 - Sports illustrated runs a 14-page story by George Plimpton about a Mets pitching phenom named Sidd Finch, a recluse with a 168-mph fastball, which he credits to the meditations in Tibet. He was also said to have carried a French horn at all times, wearing only on hiking boot while pitching. 

1986 - Present - Press releases for the [non-existent] New York City April Fools' Day Parade issued every year since 1986.

1996 - Taco Bell Corporation runs a full-page add in several major newspapers claiming it has purchased the Liberty bell and will be renaming it the "Taco Liberty Bell."

2008 - The BBC runs a video clip of flying penguins as part of a story for its series "Miracles of Evolution." The presenter explains that the penguins escaped the cold, harsh Antarctic weather by flying to the tropical rainforests of South America

April 1, 2016 - Google introduced a "Mic Drop," a Gmail feature enabling users to send emails with an animated gif depicting a minion dropping  a microphone. The prank goes awry when people accidentally click on the button and unwittingly send business emails with the whimsical animation. The feature was removed after several hours of confusion. 

To read more facts click   here!
The following is a comparison of February  2017 vs. February 2016, annualized, b y town, according to  Suffolk Research Service, Inc.
To read the entire report click here!
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