Why Do I Need A Security System?
Knowing your business is protected at all times is invaluable. For over 40 years, Quinlan Security Systems has focused on keeping your business protected from external intrusions, property damage and undiscovered inefficiencies. If you are thinking about installing or upgrading your security system, call us today!

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3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Video Surveillance System

Implementing a reliable video surveillance solution that will meet business needs is a considerable challenge for any organization.
Fortunately, expertise is available from both leading manufacturers and experienced integrators to make this process easier and to increase the likelihood that the resulting system will meet expectations.

4 Common Myths About Surveillance - Debunked

The popularity of video surveillance is also growing fast, driven not only by increasing security needs, but also due to a wide range of new advanced capabilities like license plate recognition, the ability to note temperature changes and a variety of new video analytics. Yet, despite the profusion of video surveillance cameras globally, they are still one of the most misunderstood products being sold in the physical security industry.

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