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When Personal Transformation is Possible in our Journaling Practice
4 Easy Ways to Add to Your Journal Today (VIDEO)
  1. Stencils
  2. Tracings
  3. Collage
  4. Image Research
"PAINTED PONIES; Equine/Expressive Arts Workshop"--Rescheduled
Personal Transformation
Is Possible
In Our
Journaling Practice

Dear Creatives,

If we practice paying attention to our body sensations, we are able to notice things in the world that elicit a feeling, a quickening, a fleeting memory, whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

These "things" are personal place holders.
They elicit a body sensation because they are what we are supposed to be working with.
If we choose to move towards them, instead of pushing them away,
personal transformation is possible in our visual journaling practice.

Take time to notice the world around you; the shadows on your walls, the full bloom of spring, the glow at sunset, the homeless child on the street, the smell of rich earth, the soft fur of a kitten, or the police siren in the distance. What enlivens your body?

Generating Primal Imagery From a Body Sensation

It is possible to generate visual imagery that expresses each and every feeling we have to add to your journal. This a safe place to gather and acknowledge these images.

When you feel a sensation, notice where it begins.
Put your hand there to acknowledge it.

Ask the sensation,

"If you were a color what color would you be?"
Is it dark/muddy? Is it bright?

"If you were a shape, what shape would you be?"
Is is curved or angular?
Is it smooth or prickly?

Take the first answer, don't question yourself.
Get this shape, color and texture down on a journal page
and then ask it what it needs from you next.

You only ever need to know the "next step".

The image is emerging.
No need to force it.
Now, keep adding to your journal in a random fashion,
letting the images inform one another.

(see 4 Easy Ways to Add to Your Journal VIDEO below)

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Be creative.

Virtual Hugs,




Adding Stencil Layers to Journal
Adding Stencils, Tracings, Collage and Image Research to Your Visual Journal
This short slide show gives an example of what stirs my body when my senses are heightened by the blooming yucca plants.
In the studio I randomly use stencils, collage and tracings to move my pages along.

Videos are taken from the 6 month online course
IMAGE QUEST SOJOURN™ and LIVING WITH IMAGES AS COMPANIONS; both visual journaling for personal transformation.
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PAINTED PONIES ; Equine-Expressive Arts Experience

Has Been Rescheduled

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Nov 7-8, 2020
Ramona, CA
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