1.Fairgrounds Clean-Up Saturday - June 18th
9am to 4pm
Lunch Provided

  • All 4-H Members are expected to assist with Fairgrounds Clean-Up.
  • This includes individuals who are not exhibiting at the Fair.
  • Each Club has been assigned duties related to:
Clean-Up/Setup/Tear Down.

Specific Assignments are listed below:

Fair Clean-Up/Set-Up/Tear Down
2022 4-H Club Assignments
1. Statics – Prairie Diamonds, Clever Clovers, Sweet Clovers, any other clubs that can assist
2. Poultry Rabbit – Running J
3. Small animal area – Prairie Clovers, The Meadowlarks
4. Hotchkiss – Corner Club, Prairie Partners, Boots n Clovers
5. Show arena – Stony Creek, Boots n Clovers, Prairie Partners, Corner Club, The Meadowlarks, Prairie Clovers
6. East Wing of AgriSports – Stony Creek, Boots n Clovers, Corner Club, Prairie Partners, any others that will help
2.Have You Signed-Up to Volunteer During for Fair Week?

We have multiple opportunities
available each day!
2022 Williams County 4-H Fair Week Volunteer

Please respond if you would like to volunteer for 4-H during the Upper Missouri Valley Fair. Interview judging will run concurrently with static judging and is tentatively set for 5:00-7:00pm at the Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds. Volunteers are needed to continue throughout Fair Week. Animal exhibits will start arriving Wednesday, June 22 at 8:00am. UMVF activities will continue through Sunday, June 26. This sign-up will close on Sunday, June 19 at 11:59pm.

We are currently extremely understaffed across almost all events. We have less than 40% percent of all volunteer positions filled. Please consider volunteering for at least one two (2) hour session.
Almost every event during the fair needs volunteers.

Sign-Up Here!
3. Pop Shoppe

The following Shoppe Shifts must be filled immediately:

Wednesday June 22: 8pm-10:30pm
Thursday June 23: 7:30am to 10am & 8pm to 10:30pm
Friday June 24: 2pm- 5pm & 8pm to 10:30pm
Saturday June 25: 11am to 2pm
Sunday: June 26: 2pm to 5pm

2022 Williams County Pop Shoppe Volunteer Sign-up
Register each family member for the time and slot that works for you! This is a great way to get volunteer hours and to raise money for your club!
This Sign-up will close on Sunday, June 19 at 11:59pm.
Please note that hair hair longer than shoulder length must be in a pony tail or pulled back and everyone working the Pop Shoppe must wear closed toed shoes.

Sign-Up Here!
4. Exhibit Tags

Please Open Your Fair Packets which were mailed last week.
Static Exhibit Tags need to be attached to the exhibits you are
entering in static judging on Monday, June 20th


Static Judging Night - If you are awarded a Blue ribbon the judge asked if you wish to have your exhibit sent to the ND State 4-H Fair for Judging. If you indicate yes a Purple Sticker
will be placed on your Exhibit Tag.

5. Livestock Interview Judging

  • Livestock Interview Judging Participants: Livestock interviews will be held in the Western Star Building on Monday, June 20th from 5:00-7:00pm. 
  • Those that did not attend YQCA training and are exhibiting a market animal will be required to participate in the livestock interview process.
  • All Livestock Exhibitors are encouraged to participate in Livestock Interview Judging.


6.Market Animal
Check-In Backdrop Photos

Wednesday - June 22 Exhibitor Photos for
Market Sale Livestock

Livestock Check-in Day
Official Photos

Backdrop Photos will be taken on
Check-in Day after you leave the weigh-in scale.
Please be dressed in Official Dress for this photo.

7.Official Dress Requirements for
Williams County 4-H Activities

 Official dress is required at all Williams County Competition Events.
IMPORTANT: Williams County 4-H no longer providing free official T-shirts at the fair.
 Static judging, Livestock Interview participants, and Livestock and small animal exhibitors may wear an official T-shirt or button down long sleeve shirts.
Long sleeve shirts must have a 4-H chevron (4-H Patch) attached to comply with Official Dress Requirements. 4-H chevron’s are free and available at the Extension Office.
 Horse Show participants must wear long sleeve button down shirts.
For more Official Dress information please refer to the page 21-22 of the Williams County 4-H Handbook or
page 12 of the Williams County Fair 4-H Exhibit Book.

Official Dress Shirts will be available for sale on Monday,June 20th during Static Judging and Livestock Interview Judging.

Lynette Eaton from Treasured Stitches will be making and selling 4-H t-shirts during static judging and livestock interviewing night on
June 20th.
 Treasured Stitches will be set up near the big door where you bring your static exhibits in. She will sell official 4-H t-shirts that are dress code approved. The charge per t-shirt will be about $13.00. Please bring cash or check.
8.Static Exhibit Check Out

Sunday, June 26 from 3:00-4:00pm
  • No static exhibits may leave the fair prior to check out on Sunday afternoon.

  • Cloverbuds are not permitted to exhibit at the NDSF.

  • Items lacking required information cards or related items such as recipes or clothing patterns will not be approved by the County Extension Office to be sent to the State Fair for Static Judging.

  • Horticulture Exhibitors who are qualified to exhibit at the State Fair may enter in different lots at the state fair than were entered at the County Fair. This is allowed due based on different maturity levels of different horticulture exhibits.

  • Any large or cumbersome items must be taken and picked up by the exhibitor. Volunteers will bring projects to and from the state fair and they may not have means to transport large objects.

Please note you must confirm your decision to have your exhibit
submitted to the State Fair on Sunday, June 26 at Checkout.
New Exhibit Tags for the State 4-H Fair will be issued at checkout.

You will need to:

1. Remove the County Exhibit Tag and

2. Place a New State Fair Exhibit Tag on your exhibit.

3. Place your State Fair Exhibits on the Packing Table
designated for the class your exhibit is entered in.

  • Any projects not properly checked out by the exhibitor will not be taken to the NDSF. Projects going to the state fair must be able to be packed with other items into a box.

  • State Fair-Baked Goods & Horticulture Exhibits – delivered to Extension Office deadline July 18 - 9:30a.m.
9.Animal Exhibitors Feed and Supplies

  • Make sure you bring all feed and supplies to the fair. 

  • Supplies include: wheelbarrows, manure forks, etc. for your livestock
in order to practice safe bio-security. 

  • There will be a pen and one bag of shavings provided, but everything else will need to be brought with your project. 
Questions? Please Call 701-577-4595

NDSU Extension Williams County
5218 141st Ave NW—PO Box 1109
Williston, ND 58802-1109
Phone: 701-577-4595
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