Newsletter - August 12, 2022
Arapahoe County CSU Extension Office Closed to Walk-in Clients on Fridays

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our staff:
Ethan Cahill -
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When Visiting Our Office...
As a friendly reminder, when visiting our office, please check in with Crystal in the Open Spaces side of our building first. We are in and out of our offices frequently due to meetings, trainings, etc. Sometimes we come in later due to a late night meeting the night before. We are not always at our desks right at 8 a.m. every day. Crystal will be able to help you, especially when you are dropping something off or picking something up so you are not just waiting on our side with no one answering the bell, especially since we do not yet have our new front desk admin. Please also note that as the end of the year approaches, we will be starting to use up comp and vacation time. Thanks!
September 1
Club/Committee Chartering DUE to Jean

September 7
Achievement Program Award Applications (including Club Citizenship) DUE

September 15
Companion Animal (Dog & Cat) and Livestock Record Books DUE to Office from Club Leaders

October 3
Achievement Program Reservations DUE

October 12
Achievement Program
Trainings and Meetings
Companion Animal Projects
Cat 101 Seminar
There is a professional CAT SHOW coming up August 27 and 28 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. For our cat members or 4-H members interested in adding the cat project, they are planning a CAT 101 seminar on Sunday, August 28 @ 2 PM. Please email Shaylen @ by August 25 if you plan to attend so I can pass that on to Diane. Diane has been our cat judge for the past few years and she has amazing knowledge of cats!
FCS & General Projects
FCS/Gen. State Fair Drop Off For Cakes and Foods
Drop off for State bound FCS/GEN projects (Cake Decorating and Foods projects) is Tuesday, August 16 by 3 p.m.
Shooting Sports
Shooting Sports Information 2021-2022
Events for the Horse project have begun! Please click on the image to the left for info on all of the events.

2022 Arapahoe County Fair Horse Show results have been posted on our website! Click on the image to the left and then click on the Horse Events tab.

More Opportunities
4-H Open House
Save the Date! We will be holding a 4-H Open House on Saturday October 1. It will be held at the Open Spaces 17 Mile House from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Stay tuned, further details to come!
2022-2023 Chartering Information

Organizational Leaders - It’s that time again... CHARTERING time! I sent an email to all of you on 8/8/22 which had attached several worksheets, instructions, etc. that were sent out from the State Office. PLEASE READ the info below (also from the State Office) as there is a change to the bylaws this year that ALL CLUBS/COMMITTEES are required to make. There is also more helpful info. All completed chartering info is due to me by 9/1/22 so I can look it over prior to submitting it to the State Office. 

It is that time of year again to begin working on the 4-H Club Chartering process.  The process will remain the same as it has been the last couple of years with one change for this year.  That change is that every 4-H Club will need to update their bylaws to include the minor changes that were made under Section One.  Below is a statement around this change.

Colorado State University Extension 4-H program is committed to achieving an inclusive community of staff, volunteers, and program participants that reflects the diversity of our State. Colorado 4-H is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive space for learning, sharing, and collaboration that is welcoming to people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. We believe that all participants should feel comfortable celebrating who they are, what makes them unique, helping them to lead lives that are healthy and fulfilling. This community is important for our 4-H program and participants often look for clues as to whether they will be safe and will be accepted when reading through our documents in our program. A youth-led initiative to modify language in our basic documents helped design the change in the inclusive wording of the Colorado 4-H Bylaws template. As the LGBTQ+ subcommittee of our Colorado 4-H staff work team, we recommended these changes for Colorado 4-H.

The chartering documents can also be found on the

Below are some details to keep in mind and if you have any questions please let me know.

  • Deadline – all 4-H Club/Group Charters are due to Jean for review by 9/1/2022.
  • Bylaws will need to be changed for every 4-H Club to include the changes made under section of the attached Bylaws template.
  • Please make sure that all Financial information and Signers are correctly listed on the following items
  • 4honline application
  • Financial Report
  • Annual Review
  • Please make sure that all Volunteers are enrolled and activated in 4honline.
  • Especially if they are signers on an account
  • Make sure you have the correct EIN number listed on the following:
  • 4honline application
  • Financial Report
  • Annual Review
  • The Ending Balance on the previous charter packet is what you need to reference for starting balances for your clubs this year
  • If a club dissolves, please fill out the Dissolution form and include proof of any account closures and upload the file.”
Achievement Award Applications
Achievement Award applications are now available! Shaylen sent out an email to club leaders with the info on 7/28/22. The information and forms can also be found on our website by clicking on the image above. All Achievement Award applications, including the Club Citizenship award (which can also be found on our website) are due by 9/7/22. Club Citizenship applications get turned into Jean and the other award applications get turned in to Shaylen.
And the Votes are IN!
Congratulations to the incoming 2022 - 2023 Jr. Leader Officer Team!

President - Mary Seier
Vice President - Deborah Loseke
Secretary - Courtney Bauer
Treasurer - Grant Fetty
Reporter - Daphne Kurtz
Parent Advisors - Angela Martinez, Bryon Fetty

Senators - Mary Seier, Courtney Bauer
Alternate Senators - Grant Fetty, Garrett Fetty
Save the Date!
The 2022 4-H Achievement Program will be held on Wednesday, October 12 at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. It will start at 6 p.m. The deadline to RSVP will be 10/3/22. An email with all the details and a link to RSVP will be coming soon, so keep an eye on your inbox!
Round Robin Results
Congratulations to all the 4-H youth and adults who participated in this year's Round Robin events at the 2022 Arapahoe County Fair! Click on the image to the left to find a link to a list of the winners.
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