June 2017 Newsletter
4 Inexpensive Security Tips for Law Firms
By: Jessica Clifford
It’s Monday morning; you are still a little tired from your busy weekend. Now you are sitting at your desk, opening emails as usual. Open, read, click the attachment, skim, and reply. Your routine is mundane, always the same. Except for today.

Today, you see an email written by your friend, who is also another attorney in the office. The friend says there is a woman needing help with a worker’s compensation case. You, who specifically works with worker’s compensation cases, opens the email.

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The Top USB Security Practices
By: Jessica Clifford
Does your company view USB drives as suitable devices in the workplace, while overlooking their safety hazards? Though flash drives are inexpensive and small tools, they are easy to misuse. The major issue is that employees treat flash drives as disposable and replaceable work tools even though they are just as important as a cell phone or a laptop.

Think about what problems could arise if your current work flash drive went missing. What information would you not want others to see? What lost information would make it impossible for your workplace to function?

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How an evolving data ecosystem is transforming the healthcare industry
used with permission from IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub
by Elizabeth Koumpan, Executive Architect, IBM
We live in interesting time, where everything is changing. While data has become a commodity, information analytics now deliver us new interesting insights and thus, consumers expect more and better services. We see how wearables have changed our life. We use running shoes that have sensors embedded to track where we're going, the distance we've traveled and calories burned. We even don't need to carry a smartphone when out for a run. 

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Why collaboration is no longer just a strategy but key to long-term business success
used with permission from Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog
Every company is in the relationship business. The best way to serve customers and move your business forward is to work better with others towards a common goal. Collaboration (both offline and online) is one of the most important driving forces for continued growth in any business; small or large.

Collaboration lays a foundation for better teamwork.

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Developing a Cyber Savvy Workforce

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