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Current Open Positions for 2021-2023:
  • President (3 yr term: 1 yr as president elect, 1 yr as president, 1 yr as past president)
  • Communications VP
  • Signature Events VP
  • Advocacy VP
  • VPs of City Centers: for INCC & FWCC

IIDA Indiana Board Requirements:
  • Board members must be current members of IIDA.
  • All terms are for 2 years except the President Elect, that is for 3 years. Terms for this election begin on July 1, 2021.
  • The President must be a Professional Member of IIDA.
  • We meet monthly on the Third Wednesday of each month. (4pm ET)
  • You will attend a 2-3 day board retreat each summer.
  • It is mandatory that all Board members work hard and have fun.

If you have any questions, please contact Brittany Rissler or any current IIDA Indiana Board Member
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Course Numbers
AIA Course #: HAW617 – HSW
Art & Architecture
IDCEC Course #: 110710 – HSW
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design/9. Programming & Planning

NOTE: This CEU will be offered in TEAMs and not in Zoom. If you have already registered for this event, please check your email for the new link.

Course Description
Bring your A-game to this interactive and engaging course. Using the regarded Competing Values Framework, you will participate in a gaming simulation to help you learn about organizational culture types. Organizational culture is the personality of a company that contributes to a company’s sense of order, continuity, and community.

This 1-hour course explores how to leverage organizational culture when designing collaborative work environments.

Learning Objectives
• Define organizational culture.
• Understand the types of organizational cultures that exist and how they differ.
• Demonstrate how organizational culture can inform the design of the workplace.
• Communicate how organizational culture influences collaboration tendencies.
• Understand how the physical attributes of the space support organizational culture and
collaboration preferences.

Course Outline
  1. Introduction to organizational culture
  2. Gaming simulation
  3. Learn the Competing Values Framework
  4. Discover how organizational culture influences collaboration preferences and workplace design
  5. Explore how the physical attributes of space can support organizational culture and collaboration preferences
  6. Discussion with Q&A
Mark D’Errico has a 20-year tenure as a Haworth member. He has worked in a variety of roles at Haworth including product development, product management and as a specialist within Haworth’s Architectural Interiors division. Mark’s passion for the furniture industry stems from his industrial design background. Prior to Haworth, Mark worked as a designer and consultant for various manufacturers and industries. Today, Mark helps Haworth customers in Ohio create spaces that support human capital and business performance.  
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