Thank you to everyone that attended our
Annual Volunteer & Sponsor Celebration!
Congratulations to: 
2018-2019 Board Member of the Year: Kim Dutkosky
2018-2019 Committee Member of the Year: Mandy Stamper
Welcome 2019-2020 IIDA Indiana Board! 
Front Row: Abeer Saeed, Kim Dutkosky, Jourdann Borski, Abigail Richart, Char Bennett, Sarah Savage.  Back Row:  Jessica Bohac, Erik Pederson,  Andrea Herschelman, Branden Songer, Jackie Wilson,  Brittany Rissler, Lauren Elliot. Not Pictured: Mary Bonin.
Join us for August CEUs -  Sponsored by
Healthy Materials
It's What's Inside That Counts

We spend almost all of our time in the built environment, surrounded by manufactured products, so it's not surprising that the chemical ingredients used to make these products impact our health and the health of our environment. Materials release  chemicals so understanding how these chemicals come into contact with and interact with our bodies is an important part of making informed design decisions and we will speak to the importance of transparency in selecting healthier building products.

We'll talk about existing chemical regulation through the EPA/other governance and the huge gaps that existing laws leave. Presenters  will go through key chemicals of concern - in the furniture industry specifically - and introduce the Precautionary Principal, as a more
stringent methodology to protect human health. We'll empower participants through tools and platforms created to help navigate what can seem like a complex, ever changing terrain.

Join our discussion around how the materials we use directly and indirectly impact human health and the environment and what we can do as a design community to insist on transparency and make  informed decisions around what we put in our projects.

Indianapolis City Center, August 7, 2019
Registration & Check in 11:30am | CEU & lunch  12-1pm
Location: Reveal by Polish, 6539 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Fort Wayne City Center, August 14, 2019
Registration & Check in 11:30am | CEU & lunch  12-1pm
Location:  Vintage Archonics, 8205 Lima Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Evansville City Center, August 15, 2019
Registration: 11:45am CDT | CEU & lunch: 12-1pm CDT 
Location:   Browning Room A-Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library, Central  Branch, 200 S. E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Evansville, IN 47713

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