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Lunch in Fort Wayne and Happy Hour in Indianapolis on November 8, 2018

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Traci Ashcraft, VP of Communications
Specified Lighting Systems

4L.  How many years have you served on the IIDA Indiana Board?  TA.  3.5 years. 

4L.  What are your main responsibilities on the board and how long is your term as VP of Communication?  TA.  It is a 2 year term, I will be handing over the position in July of 2019.  I am in charge of the 4 Loop ( hope you all like it ) and making sure we get all the information out in a timely manner to all of our members. 

4L.  How long have you been with Specified Lighting Systems?   TA.  This past August was 4 years....

4L.  3 Words to Describe IIDA... TA.  Fun and doesn't even need a third descriptive word!

4L.  What does IIDA mean to you or w hat is the greatest part about IIDA?  TA.  Hands down, the people!  Such a welcoming group, especially when I first started in this industry - everyone is willing to help and this group has made such an impact on my career and also the transition when I took on my new role at Specified Lighting.
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