October CEU: Healthy Materials
Sponsored by HumanScale
October 13, 2021
12 - 1pm ET
Presenter Bio: John Harrington has been with Humanscale since 2005 focusing on A&D and Project Managers in California. A proponent of the environment, Humanscale’s Net Positive initiative inspired John to become a Sustainability Ambassador in 2019. A big part of John’s day revolves around educating his clients with CEUs that motivate and inspire them to make the world a better place. He lives, writes, mentors, coaches hockey and laughs with his wife and three wild kids in Los Angeles.
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2021 Design Expo.

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Andrea Herschelman, VP of Evansville City Center, VPS Architecture

4L. How long have you been involved with IIDA and why is it important to you?

AS. I’m heading into my fourth year on the IIDA Indiana Board, and my 4th year as an associate member. IIDA is extremely important to me because - prior to 2017 - we did not have a good networking resource for commercial designers in the southern Indiana region, so the creation of the IIDA Evansville City Center has been such a blessing to our SO-IN design community. 
4L. Why is IIDA important to interior designers and the industry?

AH. IIDA provides a community that promotes design education, inspiration, and professional development in a format that is fun and functional. Designers help to shape what our communities look like, so providing resources to connect and educate our design professionals is vital to the success of the built environment where we live, work and play. 

4L. What do you hope to do with your role during your term?

AH. I hope to continue building on, and supporting, the successes we have made as a Board in the last three years. Navigating our way through a pandemic has not been easy, but I’m very proud of the IIDA Indiana Board and our committees for stepping up to the plate and finding ways for connection and encouragement in such a challenging time. 

4L.Why should firms/industry manufacturers be a part of IIDA?

AH. I believe we all must dig into our design community a bit and do our part to make it as successful as possible. We are stronger when we work together – something that was proven to me time and time again over the past 18 months. I believe we have realized how instrumental networking, social interaction and the sharing of resources can be, and I hope that the industry can see the true value of this IIDA community moving forward.  

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