Hey Grace'rs,
Last weekend we started a new three part series looking at the call of Jesus to follow him in engaging the world he loves with grace. 

4 Take Aways from A Christian’s Guide to Navigating a Culture of Outrage:

Take Away #1: Outrage has become the new operating system in our culture today. Rather than having reasoned, compelling discussions about tough issues, we respond to differing world views or differing political ideas with outrage, insult, and anger. That outrage shuts down any conversation, closing us off to new insights and wonder. Outrage makes our world smaller and smaller.

Take Away #2: The Apostle Paul lived his life fueled by outrage toward Christians until his outrage was met by the outrageous grace of Jesus. In Romans 12 he shares some insights into living as a Christian in a culture of outrage, the first being: Overcome outrage with radical kindness. Do to others as you would have them do to you!

Take Away #3: Overcome outrage with curiosity. Taking the time to listen to other view points can strengthen our own views, tweak them, or in the case of Paul, totally re-orient them. Curiosity listens for the voice of God in others.

Take Away #4: Overcome outrage with respect. While we may not always agree, grace calls us to treat all people as people created in the Image of God; as people Jesus died for; as people God loves.

Tonight at 6 pm Live (Wednesday), I’ll dive deeper into the topic by looking at another story from the Bible about a young man fueled by outrage, by showing how social media and the news create outrage in us, and by telling a personal story about how curiosity changed my worldview. www.Facebook.com/communityofgraceaz/

If you missed the weekend, you can watch it here.
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