Lent--the time of preparation for Easter when we commemorate the 40 days and nights Jesus spent fasting in the desert before beginning his public ministry--is just a few days away. Are you ready? 

I hope that Lent is a time of true encounter for you, where in your prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, you come to meet Jesus in new and deeper ways. In the Old Testament, Jerusalem is considered to be the "place of encounter," the place where God would come to meet his people. It is deeply profound, then, that our Lenten journey will culminate in Jerusalem, where Jesus experienced his passion, death, and resurrection. I pray that Lent prepares you well to encounter our risen Lord on Easter.

Until then, keep reading to learn about Catholic World Mission's 4 Pillars, and an update on Nigeria!

4 Pillars, 1 Mission: Improve the World
Did you know we have four pillars upon which we base every project we support? Our pillars are Dignified LivingEvangelizationEducation, and Disaster Relief. Each one represents an area of human need that, with your help and generosity, we work to address every day. You make everything we do possible and for that, we want to say THANK YOU!

Click the images below to watch a video about each of our pillars.
Click here to see a video about our Dignified Living pillar
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Click to watch a video about our Education pillar_

Click to see a video about our Disaster Relief pillar.

And did you also know that you drastically affect your own life every time you commit an act of generosity? Who knew!
Broadrick Street Primary School Roof Construction is Under Way!
Pictured above: Felicia (center) meets with teachers at Broadrick Street Primary School. You can see the crumbling sheet metal roof that needs replacing.
Thank you so much for your response to last month's plea for help for this precious Nigerian school! Thanks to you, we were able to send a little more money to Nigeria. Please keep our partner Felicia, the laborers, and the students, teachers and staff in your prayers.

This project is still active and accepting donations. P lease share this story with others who are able to make a difference

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Thank You.

Your generosity is what makes our mission of alleviating material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the 
Gospel of Christ possible!

 Yours in Christ,

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