What an exciting Opening Night to kick off CRAVE/DEFIANT's two-week run! We began the night with a Gala, full of yummy food (huge thank you to  Sunflower Kitchen Sushi On Bloor Free Times Cafe , Harbord Bakery  and  Dufflet Pastries ) Rhumba, and a special prelude... The performance closed with a standing ovation from a sold-out audience, and we ended the evening catching up with friends over a few DEFIANTs (a custom cocktail being served during the run). It was a perfect evening and we are excited for the rest of the run!  - Karen & Allen

Saturday, May 13 | 2PM
Tuesday, May 16 | 8PM
Wednesday, May 17 | 8PM
Saturday, May 20 | 8PM

Ana Groppler, Mateo Galindo Torres, Karen Kaeja, St├ęphanie Tremblay, Zhenya Cerneacov, Merideth Plumb & Michael Caldwell in Allen Kaeja's DEFIANT. Photos by: Irina Popova
Michael Caldwell & St├ęphanie Tremblay in Karen Kaeja's CRAVE.  Left Photo by: Michel Dozois; Right Photo by: Irina Popova

So excited that was f*cking mind blowing. Crave had so much diverse non-stop action and it was so gut wrenching and real, pulled out real emotions.  DEFIANT seems a critique of modern relationships for me and the dance that we put each other through. It expressed the wildness of all facets of relationships whereas in CRAVE, in one relationship we can play all the roles of the hero and the villian and the lover and the scorned. - Robi McKenna

So memorable and truly top of my list of productions. Beautiful. - Tulin Valeri

Joining in visually and emotionally is irresistible - for the dancers and the audience on these two vibrant and personal roller coasters. 
We've grown to expect nothing less.  - Laurence Siegel

Crave was truly beautiful. Karen's choreography at its best. The emotion of the dancers with the at times haunting score brought tears to our eyes. Allen's work was challenging, a real gut check for the audience. Always a pleasure to take in the creative energy of Kaeja d'Dance. - Douglas Anweiler

Big congrats to you all! What a Stellar group of artists and performers! Killer dancing and choreo and soundtrack!  - Jenn Goodwin


CRAVE/DEFIANT will be performed on alternating evenings with Cloud 9's program,  May 9-20  at  The Theatre Centre
"I am so deeply grateful to be part of this confluence of esteemed dance artists, performing the wild imaginations of choreographers DA Hoskins and Lina Cruz. Four nights left, do join us for the visceral world of Cloud 9." - Karen Kaeja
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