Today, in the media briefing Premier King shared four simplified steps for business owners and operators to get their businesses operational as part of the Renew PEI, Together COVID-19 recovery plan.  
At the end of the remarks he acknowledged some confusion about these steps and committed to sharing this information with Chambers across the province.

  1. Businesses should review the “Renew PEI, Together” plan.  This plan outlines the phases in the recovery stage and identifies when certain businesses and organizations can start to reopen under new conditions. 
  2. Review the Principles and Guidelines on the Renew PEI website.  These principles and guidelines are relevant for all stages of the recovery plan. 
  3. Connect with industry associations to develop a general set of guidelines and principles for operating. (Examples: Golf, Harness Racing, etc.)  For those businesses who do not have an industry association, they should connect with like-minded businesses to work together on shared guidelines and principles. 
  4. Each organization or business will need to complete an Operational Plan outlining how their business, service or organization is prepared for COVID-19.   The CPHO has a template available on our website that provides guidance for developing these plans. These plans should be created before providing services.

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OPEN - Essential business list for Kensington & Area
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Are you open and your name is not on this list or you want to update your information, please contact Julia and give her your details! 902-836-3209
PEI has developed an initiative to connect Islanders seeking work with employment opportunities in the agriculture industry through a new initiative. The COVID-19 Agriculture Labour Support Initiative (ALSI) allows individuals who are interested in working on a farm to register with WorkPEI and be connected with agricultural businesses who have registered their job openings. To be connected through the Agriculture Labour Support Initiative, job seekers and agricultural employers can visit .

PEI Post-Secondary Student Employment Program (PSSE) is designed to create student jobs by providing financial incentives to employers and help students gain valuable work experience. Private and public sector employers will be reimbursed a minimum of 75% of the approved provincial minimum wage. Eligibility criteria can be reviewed  HERE .
Federal Government Recognizing Need for Digital Services

Prime Minister Trudeau announced $240 million to develop, expand, and launch virtual care and mental health tools to support Canadians. This investment will be used to create digital platforms and applications, improve access to virtual mental health supports, and expand capacity to deliver health care virtually, including projects to reach vulnerable Canadians.
Impact Of COVID-19 On Diverse Business Owners
The Canadian Survey on Business Conditions is the only large-scale survey to capture the impacts of COVID-19 upon businesses owned by diverse segments of the population, including women, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities. The topline numbers suggest that COVID-19 had a more severe impact on diverse businesses.