Winter 2020
Name Dropping
Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Congratulations to our very own, Susan Finco. She is the recipient of Insight Magazine’s, Women of Influence - Lifetime Achievement Award, for her community involvement activities throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

The 2019 shipping season on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Seaway system faced significant challenges due primarily to high water levels. Despite the challenges, the Chamber of Marine Commerce reports that 38 million tons of cargo was shipped through the seaway.

For the fifth consecutive time, Bellin Hospital has earned an "A" grade for patient safety from national nonprofit The Leapfrog Group .
Jake's Diapers was recently recognized in a Consumer Reports' article as a best alternative charity for your donations.

After breaking a 5-year tonnage record in 2018, shipping through the Port of Green Bay continued to grow in 2019. In fact, the 2019 shipping totals were the highest since 2007; with 2,254,674 tons of cargo moving through the port, an 8% increase over the previous season.

Thanks to travelers from throughout NE Wisconsin for making Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport their airport of choice! GRB had a nearly 10% increase in enplanements in 2019 (over 2018); and the most passengers since 2011. The growth builds an overall 12.2% increase in passenger traffic in 2018.

Congratulations to Amerequip, celebrating its 100 th Anniversary in 2020. Amerequip ® provides design and engineering services, along with production and manufacturing, of custom equipment for domestic and international customers in a wide variety of industries. 
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Today's accomplishments were yesterday's impossibilities

-Robert H. Schuller
4 Social Media Areas to Focus on in 2020

With changes and updates happening almost daily on social media, it’s important to look at how you are utilizing each platform. Try these four focus areas for your 2020 social media campaigns:

  • Hit the record button - Social media platforms continue to favor video over any other type of content. You don’t need a large production company to make videos for social media. Simply grab your phone and hit record to showcase an employee birthday or recognition. Even sharing an animated GIF will grab the attention of your audience.
  • Click and Buy - Smaller businesses will be given the opportunity to offer in-app shopping for customers. Pinterest has led the way with Pinterest Shop for small retailers to sell directly through the platform. If you are already on a social platform that offers in-app sales, test out a few items to see how your audience reacts.
  • What’s your rating? - Reviews on social platforms can help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) which will help more people to find your business online. Make sure you keep up with reviews and reply to them, good or bad. This will show that you care about what customers are saying.
  • To place an ad or not? - Social advertising continues to grow in popularity. With new updates in targeting and placements, it’s easier to fine tune your ads to reach the right people. When it comes to social ads, you control the budget. Do what works for you, start small and test out your options.

The digital world is constantly changing and offering businesses new ways to connect with audiences. Test out the added features and incorporate these four focus areas into your 2020 social media campaigns.  

Saying Goodbye to Twitter Audience Insights
Twitter has announced that the Audience tab in the analytics section of the platform will be removed on January 30, 2020. The Audience tab allowed you to see what your followers were interested in, the gender make-up and even occupation breakdowns.

As of now, Twitter has not issued any statement as to a replacement or if there will be an alternative. Social Media Today reported that Twitter added a new feature to the Media Studio in November to add further insights called “Conversations.” They theorize that this could be the new alternative, however, if your follower count is less than 1,000, you won’t see any data there.
So what if there is no alternative?

We hope that Twitter will release a new version of audience insights or at least an alternative. In the meantime, consider third party sites such as Sprout Social , Hootsuite and Buffer.

Many content creators use third party sites to help schedule and organize their content for social media. These sites also offer insights into your audiences and posts. The downside to third party sites is that you typically must pay extra for the analytics feature.

We are all anxiously waiting to see what Twitter does next. 
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