4 Steps to Create your Health/Well-Being - Part 1 of 4
The big part of our culture operates on a premise that our health and well-being are not our responsibility and if we have a problem with our body it means that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. This is a myth.

If we step back and open up to a higher perception, and gain new knowledge, we realize that everything is an opportunity for curiosity and investigation.

Reclaiming our body/mind for deeper healing is a very creative process of internal transformation. If we fully own it we can regain our vitality and health, and live our best life. I will show you how in our later conversations.

These are 4 steps to Create your Health/Well-Being, guiding us on our healing path.

1.    Intend your desired outcome
2.   Take daily actions and create healthy habits toward your envisioned aims and goals
3.    Letting go of what is holding you back from your authentic healing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
4.    Celebrate your gains, keep your mind on your goals and train your mind to be grateful for what is VS what is not here
The first step is very important because we are unable to go where we truly desire to be because we are telling ourselves something else. The keys to setting up your intentions are so they are stated in a present tense and in a positive feeling sense.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have been dealing with chronic pain for a long time which hugely impacts your life on many levels. The logical and natural feeling is:

"I want to get rid of the pain and do not want to feel it anymore. I am hoping that someone else can do it for me or just fix it". DISEMPOWERED INTENTION

This mindset is disempowering and is simply not working.

What is an empowered Intention in this case as an example?

"I feel flexible, open in my body and I can enjoy daily walks". EMPOWERED INTENTION
One of the reasons we do not intend for much bigger goals for our health is that our mind is trying to figure out how that would happen or does not believe that it is possible.

The mind alone is not able to heal you, so right now do not listen to your mind and just dream up what would be your desired outcome for your body and well-being.

Our innate energy goes wherever you focus your attention, so if you focus on what you do not want, guess what? You get more of what you do not want!

Choose well what you WANT vs what you don’t want

I will help you define your personal intentions and look forward to telling you more in part 2 of this Blog.

Stay tuned and reach out to me if I can support you on your healing path……

In Love and Health,