March 2012

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4 Things You Should Know 
About Silicone  

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  1. Medical silicone can be made radiopaque by the addition of compounds such as titanium oxide and barium sulfate. These medical silicones are even available in restricted implantation grade (short term/ twenty-nine days or less) and unrestricted implantation grade (long term/indefinite). 
  2. Silicone hardness is measured and classified as the durometer of the silicone. The standard tolerance for durometer fluctuation in industry is +/- 5. This means that Shore A 60 durometer silicone could have a durometer as low as 55 or as high as 65.
  3. Colorants may be added to silicone to improve part visibility and marketability. These colorants can be matched to a pantone color or an existing part (this can be particularly useful for preserving your own unique brand by color matching silicone parts to the company logo).
  4. Injection molded silicone parts can be processed in such that their cycle times are as fast as those of injection molded plastic parts. 
 Mass Life Sciences Center's President & CEO Susan Windham-Bannister Tours 


On March 8, 2012, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center President & CEO Susan Windham-Bannister visited and toured Albright Technologies. Albright has participated in the Internship Challenge, a workforce development program offered by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center that connects students and recent college graduates with paid internship opportunities, funded by the Center, at life sciences companies across the state. Albright hired two of their interns, Phayhean Soo and Veasna Nhem (pictured below) that participated in the program as project engineers at the conclusion of their internships. 



From left to right: Phayhean Soo, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies; Diane Hewitt, Cooperative Education for Engineering & Technology, UMass Lowell; Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center; David Comeau, President, Albright Technologies; John Henshaw, Assistant Dean, School of Business, Science & Technology, Mount Wachusett Community College; Veasna Nhem, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies.  


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