June 27, 2022

Volume 11

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4 Tips For A More Youthful You!

I have a plan to help you achieve change to create a more youthful you!

1. Increase your muscle and joint range of motion. This helps improve posture, so you look younger. My philosophy has always been to help patients get back as much lost range of motion as possible and then never lose it as they age. Even if you feel stiff ‘all the time’ or have been told you have arthritis, there is still a way to improve your posture and pain-free movements.

2. Get your body at the proper weight for your height and age. Lose weight if you need to! This is essential for decreasing inflammation, your sense of well-being, and longevity. 

3. If you are at your proper weight, eat a diet of minimally processed food, direct from nature or made from natural ingredients. 

  A) Stay well hydrated. This helps with numbers 1 and 2 above. 

  B) Further, avoid anything artificial.

  C) Eat a diet of mostly plant-based foods. When eating meat, eat the meat of animals raised on pure plant foods. 

  D) Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.  

4. Improve your oxygen intake. This can be done with deep breathing like what occurs with exercise and other movements. Oxygen improves brain function. 

  A) Good posture (number 1 above) improves breathing. We should avoid poor posture and slouching when standing and sitting.

  B) Practice holding your breath. I notice that people with good lung capacity and the ability to hold their breath, look and feel most youthful and healthy.

  C) Correct any problems you have with breathing during sleep. 

  D) Do exercise that takes your breath away even for a few minutes a few times a week. 


My role in all of this is to share the value of staying ‘youthful’. I want to co-create with you the process to do the above (lose weight, increase pain-free muscle & joint motion, avoid dementia, and other aging risks, etc.)

My job is to bring awareness to your options, help you with accountability, and if it’s not me, I’ll point you in the right direction for that. I’ll make it personal for you to control. 

Let’s start by picking one thing, one test, or one device to get started. You can order some of these tests at my SHOP or come into the office and let’s get started to see what is working or not over a few months. 

Here are my top choices:

Order over-the-counter blood tests (ChooseHealth), a simple do-it-yourself finger prick test in which your results indicate where you are at and where we can go for that more youthful you. 

Come into the office and get your Phase angle testThis is part of my Body Composition analysis to monitor your cell health. That one simple measurement helps guide decisions about your weight, fat intake, water hydration, and bone markers.

Call Dr. Tucker's office to schedule your Phase Angle Test today!

What's New In The Office?

Something I am very excited about is the KinoTek motion capture device.

Once again, I am ONE of the first in the country to offer this type of testing.

This camera system takes a real-time video of you moving, i.e., doing a squat, lunge, or any movement we think might be hurting you or that we want to improve to optimize your movement and exercise. I can analyze your range of motion degrees and the avatar picks up muscle and movement dysfunctions I may not see; and you may not even feel. The value - BIG awareness that leads to movement and postural change.

Real-time feedback with KinoTek (like gamification) plus using the BAKBŌN posture device at home create the feeling of "I got this," "I can create a more youthful me!”


CALL Dr. Tucker's office at (310) - 444 - 9393 if you're interested in a session using KinoTek!

Correct Posture and Reduce Chance of Injury with BAKBŌN

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Relieve Post Work-Out Soreness With PHYTO-ZOL

Don’t be fooled by CBD products that don’t penetrate the skin. 

In addition to stretching, hemp-derived topicals such as PHYTO-ZOL are being used for pain relief. I recommend rubbing PHYTO-ZOL serum into tight areas on the body for injury prevention before and immediately after workouts.

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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker - The Biohack Doctor

This is a regular feature from Dr. Jeffrey Tucker that helps put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your health care. This is called Biohacking and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is The Biohack Doctor!

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