from Colfax Mayfair Business Improvement District
Yes, it's cold outside, but little green shoots of hope are popping up!

Thank You For
Stopping and Shopping
By supporting Colfax stores, you’ve kept many neighborhood businesses in business. Our shopkeepers and clerks are juggling the challenges of a changed world, just like you. With your help, we can continue to be your go-to for everyday errands and essentials, personal treats and problem solving – all delivered with a smile that’s oh-so Colfax.

Close, Safe & Convenient

Look for spring planters and additional bike racks coming this spring to make walking, biking and shopping Colfax even better!

4 Ways To Share The Love In February

Spread the cheer and thank those you care about all month long!

Nothing says love like a happy tummy
Order takeout or delivery from one of 22 local restaurants and cafés and don’t forget to top it off with a sweet dessert.
Little Surprises Go a Looooong Way
Pick up a gift for your lovely from a corner boutique, gallery, or wine store. Fix that thing around the house that annoys them most with help from your local hardware store. Add flair to their favorite room or cozy corner and declare yourself a décor diva.
Valentine Blooms Anyone?
Why fight it – get those roses, bouquets, houseplants, plus pretty vases and cards to go with. They scream I LOVE YOU and SPRING IS ALMOST HERE without having to say a word.
Stay Good Lookin’
Do it for them and for you. There are safe gyms, pilates studios, fencing lessons, fitness instructors and yoga masters all within walking distance – and available online. Don’t forget to visit the hair stylist and nail salon. Now you’re looking sharp!

E. Colfax Avenue between Eudora & Monaco, plus the Mayfair Town Center at 14th Ave. and Krameria. Denver, CO 80220
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