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Volume 7 | Issue 1A |  July 2015
July 14 will mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Older Americans Act (OAA) into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The OAA created the foundation for a system of services that supports independent living in one's older years. 

OAA-funded programs play a vital role in helping to maintain the health and well-being of millions of seniors age 60 and older, reaching one in five adults in the United States, including caregivers. The network is supported by thousands of service providers and volunteers nationwide.

Graduates from the SHINE Program's spring 2015 training celebrated with an afternoon luncheon and ceremony.
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FCHCC can attest to the range of benefits provided by the OAA as we administer these funds as part of our responsibilities as an Area Agency on Aging. Whether it is a volunteer Ombudsman working with nursing home residents, a volunteer driver bringing a hot Meals on Wheels lunch to an elder, an exercise class at a local senior center, a volunteer SHINE counselor working to have consumers make the best choices to maximize their Medicare benefits in a cost effective way, or an elder at home with services through the home and community based (MassHealth) waiver, the impact of these services positively affect thousands of people in our local area. 

White House Conference on Aging is July 13
The White House has held a Conference on Aging each decade since the 1960s to identify and advance actions to improve the quality of life of older Americans. 

The White House Conference on Aging has been collecting stories and input from Americans through regional forums, including one in Boston. Some common themes reported by Americans have been retirement security, healthy aging, long-term services and supports, and elder justice and protection from financial exploitation, abuse, and neglect. 

You can watch the event online...  [ read more ]
Free summer trainings for new volunteers!
Rides for Health & Long-Term Care Ombudsman
July 23, 
1 to 5 p.m.
Community Room
Greenfield Savings Bank
Turners Falls, MA
Trevor Boeding,  Program Director
Long-Term Care Ombudsman
413-773-5555 x2241
978-544-2259 x2241
Rides for Health addresses an unmet need for elders in our community: transportation to and from medical and healthcare-related venues, such as an appointment with a specialist at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield or something closer to home, like a trip to the corner pharmacy to fill a prescription.

Transportation access is a need for elders all across our nation. According to a June 23, 2015, article in USA Today, 19% of the 271,000 calls received by the national Eldercare Locator hotline were for transportation needs. "Many callers express frustration because they can't do simple things like visit the doctor," the Eldercare Locator explained in a report. [ read more]

Rides for Health volunteers offer door-through-door assisted transportation elders and persons with disabilities.

Apply now to volunteer with Rides for Health!

(include a copy of driver's license or other government issued photographic identification)
Please print, complete, and return, Attn. Trevor Boeding, by email, fax (413-772-1084), or mail:

Rides for Health Program
Franklin County Home Care Corporation
330 Montague City Road, Suite 1
Turners Falls, MA 01376

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Don't forget! There's still time to sign up for the Long-Term Care Ombudsman volunteer training on July 27, 28, and 29, in Turners Falls. Download your application materials below!

"An Ombudsman is someone that they can feel at ease with, laugh with, and talk to," says Ombudsman Annmarie. "My goal is to make people feel better, comfortable, good about themselves, and happier or more content."

Apply now to be an Ombudsman!

(include a copy of driver's license or other government issued photographic identification)
Please print, complete, and return, Attn. Trevor Boeding, by email, fax (413-772-1084), or mail:

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
Franklin County Home Care Corporation
330 Montague City Road, Suite 1
Turners Falls, MA 01376
You're invited to a summer picnic!
LGBTIQA Elders' Group
Summer Picnic
July 16, 4:30  to &:30 p.m.
Green River Swim Area
Nash's Mill Road
Greenfield, MA
Lynne Feldman
Director of Community Services
413-773-5555 x2215
978-544-2259 x2215
Play, swim, eat, connect with others, and build LGBTIQA community. Enjoy a catered picnic and have a laugh with friends new and old.  Stay cool with a dip in the water or relax under the shade of the pavilion and bring something that inspires you to share with others.

There is no charge. Donations will help cover event costs.
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