Chapel Hill, NC

We are excited to announce our Fall, 2017 farm dinner listings.
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Triple Bottom Line

Peaceful River Farm is one of a growing number of businesses to measure success not simply in financial terms but also in social and environmental impact -- People, Plant, Profit.  Farming is a notoriously low margin business where over 90% of America’s family farms rely on at least one family member to work off the farm.  North Carolina has lost half of its family farms since the 1970’s.  Yet, beyond the financial challenges are the rewarding social and environmental opportunities.  These opportunities motivate second career farmers like us as well as a surprising number of young people wanting to farm or participate in farming...

                                                                                                             -Larry and Lee Newlin

Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking: A Highway to Health October 28th, 2017 10am - 1pm  

Our body is a machine for creating consciousness from food. What, when and how we eat matters...  

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's blog recently featured a great article about our farm

Tomato Avocado Salad

This is the perfect salad for hot summer days using the freshest of produce available this month. Make a trip to Hillsborough or Fearrington Village Farmer's markets for our heirloom tomatoes!


8am-12noon on Saturdays, next to
UNC-CH Hospital in Hillsborough
  4-6 pm Tuesdays in the heart of Fearrington Village off of 15/501 south