Small Business Life & Style

Simply put, a lot has changed since our last update on March 13 . It seems like every decision today, big or small, is taking on an existential quality: "What can I do for the survival of my business—and therefore my livelihood."

In the true spirit of one of our core values, transformation , we're launching four new plans (Virtual Strategy Session, Rethink Digital, Design Services, and Content Tactics) with reduced pricing to better support our local small businesses.

But before... here's a list of tools and resources to help you deal with the challenges of today. Begin by taking these small steps, now!
1) #SupportLocal

Support your fellow local business owners: Shop local gift cards, order to go, and share your ideas and experiences. Consider adding relevant hashtags in your social posts: #supportlocal #standwithsmall #openforbusiness, #withme (YouTube).

2) Seek financial options now! Don’t wait.

U.S. Small Business Administration - South Florida District Office.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Links to Government and Private Grants.

3) New plans to help you reset!

At DreamCatcher, we're launching four new plans with the mission of helping our community look into opportunities that can generate new business soon. The plans below reflect a 30 to 50 percent discount on list prices.
New Marketing Plan -or- New Campaign Plan

The Need: Built to support startups or established businesses in need of developing a new strategy and action plan.
The Solution: Our “True North" direction workshop -now virtual- consists of a four-step process to clarify your strategy and capacity to execute.
What You’ll Get: At the end of the session, you’ll receive a well-defined Marketing or Campaign Plan outlining your main goal, supporting objectives, brand messaging, mission, vision, value proposition, SWOT analysis, elevator pitch, client personas (and where to find them), along with actionable tactics, and more.
Discounted Fees: 4-Hour Virtual Session: $250 until July 2020 (Value of $400 – $1,200).

Option : To validate the new strategy, we can conduct market research about consumer behavior and brand experience in a quick, easy and inexpensive way. Consumer insights survey, starting at $120 (Value of $250 - $600).
Note : Initial brainstorming sessions are always complimentary, never a fee!

Web Design. New websites or landing pages, starting at $399 - $799 (up to five pages).

Google Package to Improve SEO. Create or revamp your Google Business, Google Ads, Google Reviews, and Google Analytics, starting at $180. Create posts and request Google Reviews, starting at $35/hr. (Value of $65/hr).

Monthly Social Media Content.
Option A: DIY. We provide the images and copy, you schedule or post.
3-5 posts per week. Starting at $397/mo. $150 per additional channel.
5-7 posts per week. Starting at $497/mo. $150 per additional channel.
Translation services (English/Spanish/Portuguese/Creole/French) available.

Option B: Full management. We manage your channels to free up your time. Fees may vary based on service offerings, starting at $567/mo for the first channel. $260 per additional channel.

Digital Paid Ads. Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, Facebook Ads, Re-targeting. S tarting at $200 minimum fee per month. Ad Management fee of 20 percent based on your ad budgets, starting at $200 minimum fee per month.

Email Campaigns. Two email campaigns per month. It includes copy editing, image sourcing, template building/scheduling, and metrics, starting at $280/mo.

Virtual Events (at least for now). Amid the restrictions on in-person events, producers are turning to virtual experiences, digital sales channels, and online content delivery. We’ll provide support at every stage of the strategy, from finding suitable platforms, to content creation and metrics. Admin work starting at $35/mo.

Online Courses & Video Conferencing. Launch your own lucrative online courses. Share your knowledge and expertise and get paid for it! Fees may vary based on course strategy and platforms. We’ll provide support at every stage of the strategy, from finding suitable platforms, to content creation and metrics. Admin work starting at $35/mo.

Qualified Prospect Lists. We’re collaborating with a dedicated partner to bring you highly qualified, local and national opt-in leads within targeted industries. Starting at $255 for a list of 200 prospects with full contact information.

The Need: An overall image uplift –or the need to design new Campaign elements.
The Solution: Reduced pricing on all online and offline design services. Bundles available.
Discounted Fees:
Logo design, starting at $250.
Corporate identity bundle, starting at $380.
eFlyers, starting at $60.
Email banners, starting at $35.
Media Kit, starting at $350 (Press Release writing and distribution separate).
Contact us for specific design projects.

The Need: Reconnect with clients or engage new prospects. 
The Solution: Content Strategy.
Content marketing tactics focus on creating value and cultivating on-going relationships with your brand. It seeks to entertain, inspire, educate, and inform your targeted audiences.
What You’ll Get: Content can take many forms. We can help you develop email marketing campaigns, social media, blogging, e-books, promo video, infographics, slideshare, PR, webinars, testimonials, podcasts, and more.
Discounted Fees: Fees vary based on your needs and goals. Contact us to discuss options and service packages available for your type of business.
4. Take a breather! You are a hero but still Human!

April is #StressAwareness Month! The small business lifestyle is challenging and hectic. We often forget to take care of our own mental and physical well-being. Remind yourself to focus on mindful activities that appeal to you, like taking short walks or listening to your favorite tunes. Try not to cling or dwell on your thoughts. Practice breathing intentionally. Enjoy the little moments.

To help you cope with isolation or anxiety, give these mindfulness apps a try, Headspace and Calm. If managing your personal finances seems like a daily battle, consider using personal budgeting apps, such as Mint, Tycoon (for freelancers), and Wally (1-year premium for free right now!).

We thank you for sharing the spirit of entrepreneurship forward!

Stay alert, happy and cheerful!

Simon & Mari


Hoping this blog is helpful in your decision-making. If you offer helpful services and tools for the small business community, we want to hear from you! Email Mari Naranjo at or Simon Coulson at . Thank you for your support!