Behind The Greens
July 11, 2017

Alaska Airlines and Cadillac Sponsor Boeing Classic

The Boeing Classic receives significant financial support from corporate sponsors. Two such companies that are supporting this year's 13th annual event include:

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is the title sponsor of The Canyon Club and the Seattle-based airline's Visa Signature® is the official credit card of Boeing Classic.

The Canyon Club provides one of the best and most exciting vantage points at The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge, where you can watch your favorite PGA TOUR Champions go for the green over Bear's Canyon or play it safe and lay up in the fairway.

The Canyon Club features comfortable seats in the shade with a great, tee-to-green views of the course's signature
14th hole . It also includes a sun deck where spectators can watch the pros tee off on the 18th hole. And, as the only Birdies for Beer location at Boeing Classic, whenever a golfer makes a birdie, guests get half-off beers.

All Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® cardholders receive free admission to the Canyon Club. Cardholders may have one guest or immediate family accompany them at no charge when they present their Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card at the entrance (while space is available). Attendees are encouraged to
buy tickets in advance to ensure a spot.


is the official vehicle of the 2017 Boeing Classic. As part of their sponsorship, the luxury auto maker loans a new vehicle to all 81 PGA TOUR Champions professionals while they are in town for the golf tournament.

The Boeing Classic and the charitable organizations it helps support are very appreciative of these organizations' generosity.
PGA TOUR Champions Favorites Return for
2017 Boeing Classic
Left to right: Jay Haas, Scott Dunlap, Fred Funk and Tommy Armour III

Since the Boeing Classic is often thought of as a gem among the 27 PGA TOUR Champions tournaments currently taking place around the globe each year, it should come as no surprise that the challenging course, picturesque setting, consistently good weather, fantastic fans, amazing volunteers and supportive sponsors always help draw some of the top legends of the game.

Suffice it to say, this year's Boeing Classic will definitely not disappoint.

Here are four crowd favorites to give Pacific Northwest golf fans an idea of some of the professional golfers they'll get opportunities to see up close at this year's tournament:
So, if you haven't yet saved the dates, make sure and put this year's Boeing Classic on your calendar and visit to purchase single-day tickets or week-long passes for the Pacific Northwest's premier annual professional golf tournament.
Tips from PGA Tour Champions
Left to right: Scott Simpson, Mark O'Mera, Ben Crenshaw and Scott Hoch

Scott Simpson : "Remember that you don't hit the ball with your backswing. So, what's the rush? Go ahead and take your time. Make a good turn, get all the way back, and then go ahead and hit the heck out of it!"

Mark O'Meara : "Learn to be able to hit the ball pin high. From time to time, you're going to miss left and right, but if you can hit the ball pin high, you'll generally always be in a scoring position. Players that don't have good distance control have a difficult time and struggle with the game. Learning to be able to hit the ball pin high is the key. You've got 14 clubs in your bag. When in doubt, don't always worry about hitting the ball hard. Take a little less club and swing within your means. You'll hit the ball more in that pin-high range and will score better."

Ben Crenshaw : "Two things to improve your putting. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got about putting came from my old teacher, Harvey Penick, who told me to never try to look like someone else when you putt. Invariably, you'll see different methods that work successfully and subconsciously, you try to do the same things that person does. Harvey told me to always be myself on the green. You only know how natural you feel over the ball and you should always stand naturally to it. That feeling is different for each individual. I also work on pace quite a bit by practicing long putts. Line is great, but the good putters always seem to be able to get the ball around the hole on their first stroke."   

Scott Hoch : "Most amateurs hit a slice because they spin out on their follow through. They can't keep the left knee flexed on both the backswing and the downswing. If you can maintain some flex in the left knee both going back and coming through towards the target as long as you can, you'll hit straighter shots. It's only after the body rotates past impact that the left leg should straighten up."