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October 2019
10 Areas of Focus in IRS Investigations of Retirement Plans

At any point an IRS agent may contact a plan sponsor that its plan has been selected for audit. Audits are never pleasant, but to minimize the pain, a plan sponsor may consider a compliance self-review... [ Read More ]
How Much (Should) a New Committee Member Know?

A recent federal court decision should remind us all of the importance of plan committee education... [ Read More ]
How Many Small Business Owners Accidentally Trap Themselves with This Treacherous 401(k) Fiduciary Conflict?

An owner can be a fiduciary and a participant at the same time - with the potential for a conflict of interest... [ Read More ]

What Safe Harbors Are Available to Retirement Plan Sponsors?

There are several areas where employers can be protected from liability... [ Read More ]
Considerations to Guide Your Search for a Fiduciary Retirement Plan Adviser

A great summary of the types of outsourced fiduciaries available... [ Read More ]
ML&R Wealth Management Lunch & Learn: Fiduciary Training

Join the Retirement Plan Services team for an informative luncheon designed to provide practical and actionable information to help plan sponsors manage fiduciary responsibilities and alleviate the administrative burden.
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About Our Corporate Retirement & 401(k) Plan Services:
Our retirement plan services include specialized consulting and advisory services for tax‐qualified retirement plans, including 401(k), profit sharing, pension and cash balance plans. We design and manage tailored retirement plans that benefit business owners and their employees by an investment philosophy based on a long-term outlook and full transparency in pricing with no hidden fees.  

We offer a better, next generation 401(k) plan for you and your employees, focused on giving you:

  • Employees financially ready for retirement
  • Confidence you have the support to manage regulatory compliance of your plan
  • High quality investments managed professionally
  • Transparency and benchmarking of the fees and value you receive
  • Excellent service so you can focus on what you do best
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