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January 2021
ML&R Wealth Management is a firm that understands that managing your assets is about more than money. It is about empowering your future. At ML&R Wealth Management, we focus on you.

In this quarter's newsletter, we are featuring an article on retirement plans not just benefiting current employees. We have also included additional articles written by members of our team. We have several timely and relevant articles from around the web we thought might be helpful to you. And finally, we have included a recording of the Fiduciary Training webinar we hosted in November in case you missed it.
Helpful Articles from Around the Web

  • What We Learned About 401k Participant Behavior Amid COVID-19 and the CARES Act --- While there have been negative impacts on retirement readiness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the response from participants has been better than expected...Read More
  • The Return of Identity Theft: The Risk Fights Back --- Every week, it seems like there is a new lawsuit for retirement identity theft. Read here for more insight...Read More
  • Tips to prepare for your upcoming 401k plan audit – from the auditor perspective --- If you will be required to have your retirement plan audited for 2020, this article has valuable organizational tips...Read More
  • Legal Considerations When an Employee Dies --- Key takeaways to consider when you have a death of a staff member...Read More
  • U.S. Legislation SECUREs 401(k) Plan Access for Long-Term Part-Time Employees --- If you have part-time employees, the SECURE Act may require you to cover them in your retirement plan...Read More
Did You Miss the 2020 Fiduciary Training?

2020 was certainly an eventful year: new legislation, a global pandemic, an election year, market volatility, and new cybersecurity attacks. On Thursday, November 12, 2020, the ML&R Wealth Management Retirement Plan Services team hosted a webinar on Regulatory Updates & Fiduciary Best Practices. ML&R Wealth Management partner and investment advisor, Vanessa McElwrath, and associate, Julie Reinhardt covered the following topics:

  • Review of recent regulatory changes including those from the SECURE Act and the CARES Act
  • Introduction to the upcoming document restatement cycle for qualified plans
  • Fiduciary review of best practices including ways to avoid an IRS or DOL audit
  • Cybersecurity tips and online safety reminders

A recording of the webinar is included below. You can access the presentation by clicking here.
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