401k Open Enrollment Reminder

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Open enrollment Dates:

Jan1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st

It's Open Enrollment time again! AmCheck will be accepting all new eligible enrollees on to the 401(k) plan through the end of this month. Open enrollment is also a great time to adjust your contribution percentages if you are currently participating.
This notice is designed to notify you of the approaching enrollment as well as remind you of the tremendous value of the award winning 401(k) plan that you have for your employees.

By utilizing online forms and web enrollment you are able to increase employee satisfaction while decreasing your workload. This email guides you to a number of time saving links and plan particulars as it pertains your company. For enrollment forms and more see "Maintenance Forms" section below.

Award Winning John Hancock Retirement Plan!
Over 150 Investment Choices!

401k Plan Highlights

Did You Know. . . ?
  • At any time you can reduce your 401k deferral to Zero. However to change the deferral amount to anything else, you must wait until open enrollment.
  • Investment changes may be done any time!
  • There are over 150, yes 150 investment options in your 401(k) plan!
  • There are 3 funds that guarantee an interest rate of return!
  • John Hancock Funds, was awarded "Best-In-Class" honors and "5-Star" performer status for telephone customer service for all of 2006 by National Quality Review (NQR).
  • Your 401(k) is a great tool for attracting and retaining employees. Don't forget to mention it in job ads, interviews and during employee reviews.
  • When employees become eligible you should provide them with a Summary Plan Description, a Summary Plan Highlights and an enrollment kit. AmCheck no longer sends enrollment kits to individuals, to encourage online enrollment; however we will be glad to send you as many as you need to keep a supply on hand at your company.

Contact Us

For general assistance with forms, supplies, deductions, general plan inquiries:

Call Teri Gordon at505 275-9400 Ext. 106 (Aspen TPA) or or Click Here to email the AmCheck 401k team.

For enrollment meetings, investment advice:

Contact the AmCheck Benefits Department at

All forms that require signatures should be sent to AmCheck ONLY in the following ways:

  • Scan and Email with explanation and contact information to
  • Fax with cover sheet to 1-866-523-1153
  • Mail to AmCheck 401(k) Department, PO Box 51090, Phoenix, AZ 85076-1090

Comments? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you!

Maintenance Forms

When Hiring An Employee Use These Forms:

Paperless Enrollment is available right here with the Online Enrollment Form
Need to rollover funds into the plan from a previous employer? Use this Rollover Form.

For Managing Employees Use These Forms:

If an employee needs to change deduction/deferral amounts, address, etc. They should use this Participant Data Change Form. If an employee wants to change their investments, they should use this Investment Change Form. Sometimes participants need to leverage their future retirement nest egg for more pressing needs today; in which case they may Request a Loan or request a Hardship Withdrawal.

When Terminating A Participant Use This Form:

In the event of a participant terminating employment, they must rollover their funds out of the plan or do a complete withdrawal within 6 months. If we do not hear from a terminated participant then we will contact them via US Mail. Otherwise, the terminated participant may be proactive and use this Withdrawal Form.
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