Happy 2022! It seems like the last 2 years were a blur. Perhaps this year will provide more stability.

25 years ago this month, I took the leap and started Marketing Pathways, Inc. Looking back, I remember why it made sense at the time. What I didn't anticipate was the journey it would take me on. I left a pretty cushy corporate gig that paid well to begin the fun of being an entrepreneur. What a change. Fast forward to 2022 and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Starting the year with a few articles on trends always seems like a good way to refresh our marketing efforts. It helps us focus and see what we might do to take our marketing to the next level.

YouTube is particularly important and when you see the stats, you'll understand why. The article is compelling.

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LinkedIn should be part of your strategic marketing plan if your company is selling, partnering, or in some way working with other businesses. LinkedIn is where businesses connect and engage with other companies and executives. B2B thrives on LinkedIn.

Every day, millions of buyers search for products and services on LinkedIn. Products and services just like those you offer. As such, it’s no surprise that 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn. Read More>>>
Heading into the new year, I’m usually full of cautionary notes about SEO, keywords, rankings, and organic traffic, all tied to search engines like Google.
These days, I’m optimistic because technological advances could be a real win for companies that keep up with SEO best practices.

The work will be more time-consuming than difficult. You (and your team) will need to focus on multiple types of content, from blog posts to podcasts. Yes, you need to work...Read More>>>
One key difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is that when visitors log into LinkedIn, they expect to be sold to more than on the other social media platforms. They expect you to do business on LinkedIn, and therefore, when the pitch comes on LinkedIn, it’s not a shock.

Of course, you still need to work on building a relationship with your audience. Just because someone is expecting to be sold to doesn’t mean you don’t need to earn the right to do the selling by providing value first. But there’s a little...Read More>>>
The last time I dared to compile a set of predictions was pre-pandemic, going into 2020. Astonishingly, many of them turned out to be true, or mostly so. Going into 2021, the world was upside-down, and the general uncertainty about everything in our personal and professional lives convinced me to lay low. But now I am back, with a list of 10 trends that B2B marketers should watch as we enter 2022.

  1. Permanent COVID-19. It’s pretty clear now that COVID is here to stay, and we have to get used to it. For marketing...Read More>>>
2022 YouTube Statistics Overview
YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine with over 5 billion videos viewed each day. YouTube is a platform for content creators, influencers, and B2B brands alike to share compelling stories, introduce new products and services, and provide valuable information such as industry trends, predictions, etc.

A common misconception is that YouTube is only for millennials. But as you’ll find out, older adults, Fortune 500 decision-makers, and executives are now...Read More>>>
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