DECEMBER 9, 2016

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Use Your Green to BuyBlue this Holiday Season

Dear Ethical Consumer,

As we’re thinking about our loved ones and what to get them this Holiday Season, let’s give a little extra thought to the people impacted by the chain of production. Do your holiday gift purchases help the economy by protecting American jobs?

BuyBlue offers some simple tips on how to be an Ethical Consumer this December:

  • Avoid non-union grocery stores for your meal prep. Buy your food from a union market.
  • Don’t use self check out, no matter how rushed you are. Every self check out represents several lost jobs. Let the manager know on your way out that you took the time to avoid the self check out and why.
  • Make a commitment to go out of your way to buy at least one gift known to be made in America.
  • When writing checks to your favorite charities before the end of the year, consider donating to the Labor 411 Foundation. Help us educate consumers about the power of their wallets.

Be the change you want to see in the world by being mindful about how you spend your money while you shop this Holiday Season. #BuyBlue.

Spike Dolomite Ward
Development Director
Labor 411 Foundation

The 411


Happy Holidays!


Christmas call for action – include the Labor 411 Foundation in your year-end charitable giving. Make a tax deductible donation and help us advance the Ethical Consumer Movement during the holidays.

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Be sure you shop ethically for Christmas!


Make sure the gifts you plan on buying for Christmas are in the Labor 411 shopping guide.

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Looking for tips on how you can BuyBlue?


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